There are several reasons why delta-8 THC is perfect for beginners. For starters, marijuana and hemp are no longer the taboo subjects they used to be. The US population is becoming versed in terms related to both variants, such as CBD, THC, edibles, and more.

Unfortunately, many people are in the dark on everything cannabis on the market, and information can be confusing. For those just now getting involved, marijuana isn’t what it used to be.

First, there’s the advent of designer strains and the green light for people to grow weed as a crop. Since then, marijuana has had time to become robust and varied. A first-timer can easily bite off more than chew with how potent cannabis is.

Let’s face it — THC is a lot more abundant now in most marijuana strains than it was even a decade ago. So, considering how potent most strains are, it makes sense that marijuana reasonably isn’t suitable for most beginners. 

Furthermore, users that develop an aversion to delta-9 THC can say the same. With how potent marijuana strains are, there’s an uptick in how many users eventually form a negative response to high THC.

Fortunately, delta-8 comes in as a gentler introduction to the world of THC. So, without further ado, let’s look at the layers behind why delta-8 THC is perfect for beginners.

Why Delta-8 THC is Perfect for Beginners: It’s LegalWhy Delta-8 is Perfect for Beginners: It's Legal

Its legality is a critical aspect when thinking about delta-8. 

Recreational marijuana is legal in 18 states across the US. That’s an excellent start for the acceptance of such an important crop. But hemp-derived delta-8 is regulated by a separate state of rules due to legalization at the state level.

As it stands, marijuana is still federally against the law. The difference is that hemp is a protected crop, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. So with delta-8 THC derived from hemp, it falls within federal legalization. 

However, that doesn’t mean all states are on board with it. In fact, 11 states have a local ban on delta-8, so it’s still essential to check where your state currently stands. 

But for those who have access to delta-8, its protected status opens doors for new users. Moreover, its legality is an ample reason why delta-8 THC is perfect for beginners.

However, it’s essential to note that businesses and employers may still clash even though a state may allow delta-8. 

Does Delta 8 Cause a Drug Test to FailDoes Delta-8 THC Cause a Drug Test to Fail?

Both delta-8 and delta-9 THC trigger a release of an enzyme inside the body known as THC-COOH. 

That enzyme happens to be what sets off a drug test for testing positive. Meaning, delta-8 THC will trigger the same results as delta-9 THC. If your place of employment doesn’t allow the use of marijuana, delta-8 from hemp will give you trouble there as well, sadly. 

Unfortunately, no tests are available on the market that differentiates between delta-8 THC and delta-9. Of course, it doesn’t help that trace amounts of delta-9 THC in delta-8 products either. But without a reliable way to distinguish between the two, there is a strong chance both will continue to fail people who have to take them. 

But outside of that, for those who can try out delta-8, let us go over a few reasons that make for an excellent first step.

Why Delta-8 THC is Perfect for Beginners: It’s Less IntenseWhy Delta-8 THC is Perfect for Beginners: It's Less Intense

As we mentioned, a significant barrier for people is how potent weed is nowadays. 

It’s a common trope to hear someone talk about how a particular strain is so powerful it completely knocks you off your feet. That sounds like an intimidating description for some that haven’t experienced it before!

And while this experience is sought after by many users, it doesn’t make it the bar for entry. On the contrary, many users use marijuana for a pleasant, mild high that lets them unwind after a hard day. Or maybe something strong enough to take the edge off of unavoidable stress.

Luckily, the milder THC helps explain why delta-8 THC is perfect for beginners. So even though the molecular structure of both delta-8 and delta-9 only differ slightly, their impact on the endocannabinoid system is vastly different.

Below are a couple of key points that make up those differences. 

How Long it Take THC to Kick InHow Long it Takes THC to Kick In

Delta-9 THC is known for getting its users high almost instantaneously with an almost ridiculously compelling impact. 

However, we don’t recommend it for the uninitiated. THC is psychoactive, and if you have naturally low tolerance, the sudden onset can cause side effects like paranoia, delusions, and hallucinations. 

Other notable side effects include temporary motor function impairments that can manifest as feeling heavy or having difficulty moving. On top of that, users may feel a brain fog that disconnects thoughts. It may even stop someone from focusing on typical daily tasks.

Delta-8 THC is also psychoactive but doesn’t slam into the user like delta-9. Instead, delta-8’s exceptionally smooth in its transition. It’s a gentle ramp-up over time until the full effects set in. Conversely to delta-9, the success rate for an enjoyable experience the first time with delta-8 is much higher.

The slow ramp-up has the effect of keeping you mellow and calm. As the delta-8 kicks in, it can promote relaxation and contentment. Delta-8 also doesn’t affect your motor skills. 

So you can enjoy a slow, mellow high without feeling like you have to stay on the couch for the duration. Now you’re starting to see why delta-8 THC is perfect for beginners.

How Strong Each Type of THC Is

We mentioned it before; delta-9 is known for how strong its high can be. The force of its impact is why marijuana became a staple mark in pop culture in music and TV and grew in popularity. 

As time moves forward, more potent strains have been, and continue to be, developed through selective cross-breeding. In addition, breeders utilize new techniques to increase the THC count on the plant’s exterior. 

In the 1960’s marijuana rarely exceeded THC content of roughly 5%. 

Today, even the mildest strains are twice that, ranging in the 10-12% area. Any given strain comes closer to the 15-20% range, with some of the highest at 25% pure THC. With such a high THC content, how impactfully weed can hit people makes sense.

Delta-8 THC derives from hemp, and it takes a fair amount of the plant to do so. In fact, the delta-8 percentage per hemp plant is roughly 0.1%. Therefore, a fair amount of work produces a usable amount, and the quantity you’re using is easier to manage. 

Couple this with the fact that delta-8 THC is much milder of an experience. With a recipe for a gentle first-time experience, it only makes sense why delta-8 THC is perfect for beginners.

Although delta-8 is a distillate, there are still trace amounts of other cannabinoids in the mix. Some of these include things like CBD and very minute amounts of delta-9. But these only serve to heighten the entourage effect, the synergistic cooperation between cannabinoids that maximize each other’s benefits.

How Much Delta-8 Should You Use?

People familiar with CBD usage wouldn’t be at fault for thinking your delta-8 dose can be the same as your CBD. However, that doesn’t mean it’s an okay place to start for those who regularly use CBD. It may not achieve the desired outcome. 

The good news is you cannot overdose on delta-8 THC. So there is little risk of taking “too much.” Figuring out your ideal serving from there helps further explain why delta-8 THC is perfect for beginners.

How Much Delta 8 Should You Use

Most people starting for the first time may want to start in the 5-15 mg range. This range is an excellent low potency introduction to delta-8 THC and may not even cause substantial and noticeable effects. But, on the other hand, you may experience the standard effects that come with delta-8 on the side. 

Things such as improved mood, an urge to relax, and even better sleep can all occur at this dosage and ease any fears someone may have about something new—especially when dealing with something they’re putting into their bodies. 

After this initial venture, it’s normal for a regular user to move into the 15-45mg bracket per dose. The transition up usually occurs after 2 to 3 weeks of use. Your body grows accustomed to the compound and begins to build up a tolerance. 

If your usage continues, the amount needed will increase. Tolerance level seldom applies to new users, though. A different blog of ours will help advanced users. So, it’s best to stick to the 5-15 mg range. 

Using Delta-8 THC for the First Time: Why Delta-8 THC is Perfect for BeginnersHow to Use Delta 8 for the First time

Now that we have discussed how much is good to use for a first experience, it’s best to explain the different methods available. Overlap between delta-9 THC and delta-8 is a big reason why delta-8 is perfect for beginners.

Much like marijuana, delta-8 distillate has seen a creative market boom in the last few years. That boom includes new ways of smoking, eating, and applying delta-8 to gain the most benefits.


Some newbies may want to experience delta-8 in the traditional method like marijuana.

Thankfully, there are plenty of hemp strains with delta-8 distillate added, allowing for the same approach to be applied.

For example, take a look through our various strains of delta-8 THC flower. Another reason why delta-8 THC is perfect for beginners is its variety in strains alone.

However, measuring your dose this way can prove problematic since the amount in a bowl or joint can vary. Even the amount of crystalized distillate you get in each load will differ. Don’t let that sway you from smoking delta-8 — it’s just good to note that delta-8 flower varies.


There are still options available for a first-timer who isn’t too keen on inhaling anything. For example, delta-8 THC edibles can provide the same experience as to smoking, albeit with a slower onset.

The primary benefit of something like this is the ease of tracking your dosage. There’s an exact amount of delta-8 in each serving with each premade edible. So someone new can take precisely how much they’re comfortable using. 

In addition, there are multiple forms of edibles, ranging from traditional brownies to a host of candies and more. You have numerous flavor avenues that can fit personal preferences. 

Edibles hold the potential to keep you feeling the effects for up to 10 hours. You can thank how our bodies metabolize cannabinoids through the stomach for that one. So, if this is the route you choose, make sure you have time to relax and experience it.


Vaping is a method that has replaced smoking for many people. In the world of cannabis, vaping often comes in the form of using vape cartridges, most typically attached to 510 thread batteries. The benefits of vaping include:

  • Not inhaling combusted biomass
  • Higher levels of purity
  • Less work
  • Easier to store
  • Cleaner flavor

These all may be appealing points for someone trying to find a footing in the world of delta-8. Vaping itself may help users understand why delta-8 THC is perfect for beginners. 

Your dose can vary, however. It depends on how long you draw on the vape, the strength of the juice, and more. So it’s best only to take a hit or two and see how you feel after a while. 

Another benefit over traditional smoking is that delta-8 vape juice has many available flavors. These range from custard-based dessert flavors to candy and fruit, giving you a wide range of personalization. 

All in all, it’s not the wrong way to dip your toes and maybe more familiar for those who already vape. Give your first few puffs time to kick in before going hard on the tank; otherwise, you may have a more powerful first taste.

On average vaping delta-8 THC will allow you to feel the effects for roughly 3-4 hours. So on the shorter side compared to other methods and giving you time to come fully down without clearing the day.

Delta-8 Tinctures

Tinctures are herbal extracts made by soaking biomass (leaves, bark, berries, etc.) in a solvent such as alcohol or vinegar. The solvent pulls out the active ingredient from the plant and gathers them as a concentrate to be isolated. 

This method of distilling key ingredients has existed for thousands of years and is one of the most well-known and widely used methods of gathering medicinal properties from plants. 

Lucky for us, the process works well on delta-8 as well. This means we have an old-world method to reliably dose ourselves with delta-8 that doesn’t involve food or inhaling anything.

Tinctures also come in different strengths and are easy to measure with the appropriate applicator. 

The major downside to using this method, though, lies in the fact that it only comes in its natural flavor. The French vanilla or strawberry shortcake option is back with vape juices and edible snacks. 

Tinctures are usually mixed in with a drink or applied directly under the tongue to get into your system as fast as possible if the taste doesn’t bother you.  On average delta-8 tinctures will give you about 6 hours of effect, making them an excellent way to wind down at the end of a day. 


As with almost every herbal product, delta-8 also has a capsulated form. This takes all the ideal aspects of things such as edible gummies and refines them down a bit to remove all traces of flavor, texture, or anything else experienced through other forms. 

They operate like most other pills in the human body do. When taken with a glass of water, delta-8 THC softgels will break down and begin to work after about 2 hours. Thanks to the capsule’s isolation, they’re completely odorless and flavorless and avoid harsh aftertastes. 

But the major downside of this method is that it lacks the bioavailability of every other form of use. With your stomach needing to do all the work, you will absorb less delta-8 since you don’t chew it. None of the possible cannabinoids can enter your bloodstream through your mouth and must be processed internally instead. 

However, once they kick in, the effects can be felt for roughly 10 hours, much like their edibles counterpart. 

Wrapping Up: Why Delta-8 THC is Perfect for BeginnersWrapping Up: why delta 8 thc is perfect for beginners

With so many different ways to use delta-8 and its reputation as the more mild cousin to delta-9, it’s not hard to see why anyone starting would probably be better using it as an entry point.

As with most other substances that can affect your mind or body, it’s always good to speak to your general practitioner beforehand to make sure delta-8 THC is okay for you to experience. Hopefully, with the correct dose and a relaxing environment, your first time will be a pleasantly memorable event that lets you capitalize on your journey to self-care.