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THCa Frequently Asked Questions

What is THCa?

A precursor of THC, THCa is the most abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis. It’s the inactive form of THC. And without heat, it’s not psychoactive or intoxicating on its own. In fact, some consumers prefer to absorb the non-intoxicating THCa raw through cannabis juicing. THCa may provide potential benefits in both its raw and activated forms.

How powerful is THCa?

THCa in its raw form is considered less potent than THC because it’s inactive. In this form, it cannot produce any psychoactive effects. This changes once THCa is heated, however, as it changes the composition into a much more potent form of THC. 

What's the hype about THCa?

THCa is the precursor form of THC and can be grown in federally protected hemp plants. There’s little wonder why people are flocking to THCa products across the US. It’s a great way to experience cannabis legally!

Is delta-8 stronger than THCa?

Delta-8 THC is about 40% weaker than traditional delta-9 THC, and THCa is non-psychoactive in its raw form. So without decarboxylation, delta-8 is stronger than THCa. 

Can THCa cause a high?

When ingested raw, THCa does not cause intoxication or have any psychoactive effects.

Is THCa federally legal?

For now, THCa is protected under the USDA’s Farm Bill. THCa is legal when derived from hemp that contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC.

What’s the best way to use THCa?

To capitalize on THCa, we recommend either smoking or even vaping it. The heating process is what decarboxylates the compound. That transforms THCa into THC, allowing you to feel a range of psychoactive effects.

Is THCa made from hemp?

Yes! As a hemp plant reaches maturity, the CBGa in it breaks down into THCa. This THCa is then harvested from hemp.

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