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We know you may have questions about our products, no matter where you’re at in the buying phase. As a result, we want to make sure you have all your questions answered. Whether you have a question about hemp, any hemp compound, our policies or practice, or anything in between, we likely have the answer below.

Can I sell your products?

Absolutely. Contact us at [email protected] to find out about our wholesale options and how you can sell our products.

What is your product's shelf life?

Each of our products has an approximate 1-year shelf life or longer. However, exposure to sunlight, improper temperatures, high humidity levels, and/or damage to packaging can all impact the shelf life of the product.

(It’s our goal for you to enjoy our products so much that you don’t have it long enough to worry about the shelf life, though.)

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the 100+ cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant family, including marijuana and hemp. One of the most researched and well-known cannabinoids, CBD has been making quite a stir over the last few years.

Found most abundantly in hemp, CBD is most often used to promote general wellness and reduce certain symptoms, though it affects everyone differently. Overall, it appears to help improve certain aspects of our lives.

It’s important to stress that while CBD exhibits properties demonstrated in clinical trials, we don’t make any medical claims regarding the cannabinoid. We provide hemp-derived products that our users enjoy tremendously!

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a natural essential oil extracted from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant. It is used by people worldwide as a dietary supplement and for a variety of personal therapeutic purposes.

What is CBD flower?

As the hemp industry continues to expand, we see more unique products come out of it. Smokable hemp flower is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods for consuming your legal bud. 

When that flower is bred to have heavier CBD concentrations, it can often be referred to as “CBD flower” instead of merely hemp flower. Still the same thing, but with a more precise CBD content level, CBD flower is smokable hemp.

What is CBD Used For?

There are a lot of reasons consumers report using CBD nowadays. Many people appear to use CBD to help support some of the body’s natural systems. Specific purposes like maintaining well-functioning joints and supporting a good night’s rest are more reasons. We know that cannabinoids are a vital part of the human body’s ability to balance and regulate a wide array of physiological systems.

Again, we don’t attempt to make medical claims and only state observations from clinical trials, published studies, and other cited sources. Please take the time to look through our blog for more in-depth details on CBD and other cannabinoids we offer. We regularly cite credible trials and widely-accepted studies to back up the statements made. 

How Does CBD Work?

CBD can act as a neurotransmitter. Neurotransmitters help to regulate bodily systems at a cellular level. Also, it’s been shown to have effects on a wide array of systems in the human body. These include the immune system, the nervous system, the endocrine system, the cardiovascular system, the digestive system, the heart, liver, kidneys, the epidermis, etc.

CBD is also known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It interacts with the body through the endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS) or endocannabinoid system. First discovered in the late 1980s, the endocannabinoid system regulates the body’s homeostasis or general state of balance. Homeostasis impacts various functions, including mood, sleep, appetite, hormone regulation, and pain and immune response. Like an acrobat on a high-wire, as the environment around us impacts our normal balance, the endocannabinoid system “corrects” by mediating our body’s reaction to keep us level.

While its effects will be slightly different between cases, individuals taking CBD commonly experience benefits including pain relief, increased focus, emotional stability, and reduced stress. These are not medical claims but merely observations that we’ve been able to compile through clinical trials, published studies, and anecdotal evidence like our customers often report.

How much CBD should I take?

Firstly, know that it comes down to the individual to decide how much CBD is appropriate. Honestly, we wish we had a more exact answer for our community members that ask about serving size – but it varies too greatly from person to person for us to be precise. It can depend on the product strength and form, your weight and age, and a list of other factors.

We recommend 5 to 50 milligrams of CBD per day depending on your needs, like the severity of your discomfort. This range is the most commonly reported for anything from minor issues to just general health maintenance, so it’s a good rule of thumb for consideration.

How long do CBD’s effects take to work?

As CBD is non-psychoactive and non-intoxicating, CBD’s effects on the body can take time to work. People feel the effects of CBD over time, which is why a daily serving is recommended. A routine of cannabidiol, over the course of a few weeks, is what it takes for most people to start feeling the biggest impact from the cannabinoid. 

We recommend taking at least 4 weeks of consistent use before deciding whether cannabidiol may be able to do something for you or not.

Will CBD get me high?

Fortunately, since CBD is non-psychoactive, it can’t get you high, though some people report intense relaxation. It depends on the time of day you take a CBD product. How much CBD you take in one serving also plays a role. However, one of the reported side effects is drowsiness. Some research suggests that this differs if CBD is taken in the morning, though.

Can you take too much or overdose on CBD?

There’s no record or reported fatal dose amount demonstrating that anyone’s ever overdosed on CBD. As a result, cannabidiol is completely non-toxic. We have no detectable THC levels in our products, backed up by third-party lab results, so you cannot overdose on our products.

Non-psychoactive, there’s not technically an amount that’s “too much” when you can’t overdose on CBD. Huge servings of CBD could potentially cause drowsiness, however.

How is hemp legal now?

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp in the act of the bill. Many believe it made the production of the hemp crop legal across the nation, but it’s a bit more finetuned than that. Rather, the farm bill allowed states to decide whether they wanted to allow hemp production across their state lines. 

To date, 46 states have legalized hemp production within their borders. Through the Farm Bill, South Dakota, New Hampshire, Mississippi, and Idaho were allowed to continue their ban production of hemp crops within their borders.

What is legal hemp?

Industrial, legal hemp is now defined as any Cannabis sativa L. plant. In addition, it’s “any part of that plant, including the seeds thereof and all derivatives, extracts, cannabinoids, isomers, acids, salts, and salts of isomers,” that contains 0.3% THC or less.

Is CBD Legal To Use in My State?

This boils down to what state you live in. At this time, at least four states with hemp ban the cultivation or production of hemp and its derivatives. By definition, this means they have also banned the production, sale, and CBD consumption within their state line.

Is CBD legal?

Yes! CBD is legal because hemp is legal. Based on the new legal definition of industrial hemp, CBD and other hemp derivatives are also fully legal now. In a part of the description, “any part of that plant, including the seeds thereof and all derivatives, extracts, cannabinoids, isomers, acids, salts, and salts of isomers,” which is why derivatives like CBD, delta-8 THC, CBG, and others are completely legal across most state lines.

What is hemp seed oil?

Distinct from CBD oil, it’s important to know the difference. Many hemp seed oil companies will try to pass as CBD products. Cannabidiol is extracted from the whole hemp plant, while hemp seed oil is produced with the plant’s seeds. 

While hemp seed oil may contain some vitamins and nutrients, as well as protein, it’s unlikely that hemp seed oil will contain any amount of cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids.

Are there side effects of taking CBD?

As far as negative side effects go, CBD has one of the highest safety profiles. Side effects are minimal and uncommon. Negative symptoms can include sweating, dry mouth, a fluctuation in blood pressure, drowsiness, and the potential for diarrhea. 

This varies and is different for everyone, but it’s why we recommend speaking with a certified medical professional or physician before incorporating CBD into your daily routine.

What are cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are found in the cannabis plant, just a section of the over 480 different plant compounds. These naturally occurring compounds are individual substances that may exhibit various effects. Some cannabinoids are psychoactive, some provide beneficial properties, and some may even do both.

What is Delta-8 THC?

Another derivative of cannabis, delta-8 THC, is a less-potent cannabinoid than the more well-known delta-9 THC variation. Delta-9 is found abundant in marijuana strains, causing an intense high and even some negative symptoms in some individuals. Delta-8 offers a safer, less potent alternative that still causes an enjoyable experience with its psychoactive effects. Make sure to check out our blog on delta-8 THC and what it might be able to do for you to learn more.

Will Delta-8 THC get me high?

Yes, delta-8 THC can get you high, but not in the same sense that delta-9 can. Where marijuana can make you foggy-brained, make it difficult to focus, and sometimes cause paranoia, anxiety, and other negative symptoms, delta-8 provides only the good. 

Researchers believe this is due to the psychoactive effects of the delta-8 THC being weaker overall compared to delta-9’s. So while it does cause a high, it doesn’t cause as intense a high as the THC you may be more familiar with. It’s a “stoned” that you can still take on the day with!

How much delta-8 THC should I take?

This depends greatly on the individual. Just like with CBD, your preferred serving size may differ drastically from someone else’s. As everyone is different and cannabinoids affect us all in varying ways, we recommend starting with a low amount, maybe between 5mg and 20mg, and work your way up over time. If you’re familiar with cannabis products or know you have a higher tolerance, feel free to start at a higher serving size — whatever feels right for you.

What are terpenes?

We have a full blog dedicated to explaining what terpenes are and why they’re good for you, but we’ll give you a breakdown here. In short, terpenes are aromatic compounds that are found not just in cannabis plants, but in just about every type of plant and herb on the planet. Terpenes are what give vegetation their flavor and aroma. 

The terpene profile in each strain is what gives that strain its unique, distinct, and sometimes incredibly pungent aroma. Not new to the aromatherapy world, terpenes in cannabis, as well as other plants, have been used for millennia for a variety of uses; to calm the mind, relax the nerves, and ease certain other symptoms.

What is CBG?

CBG, short for cannabigerol, is a minor cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. While it doesn’t appear to be psychoactive, it may provide a variety of health properties. This includes the ability to fight inflammation, nausea, certain types of pain, and CBG may even work to slow the proliferation of cancer cells. With so much promise in one small compound, it makes sense to see CBG finally start getting the spotlight it deserves.

What are flavonoids?

Similar to terpenes, flavonoids are another plant molecule. They help to provide health benefits through various cell signaling pathways, as well as antioxidant properties. They’re a diverse group of phytonutrients that are found in vegetables, fruits, and much more.

Will I fail a drug test if I use your products?

Honestly, yes, there is a potential to fail a drug test if using CBD, delta-8, or other hemp-derived products. Our products contain 0.3% THC or less, per the legal federal maximum limit, so they are fully legal. However, many drug tests are not able to intelligently differentiate between cannabinoids.

Do I need a medical marijuana card to buy your products?

No, you do not need a doctor’s prescription or marijuana card to use CBD products or other hemp derivatives, as CBD and these other compounds are not drugs. You’re not required, but there are some states where doctors are legally able to recommend CBD or another hemp compound to patients for certain conditions. In order to purchase CBD or other hemp-derived products online, you must simply be an adult aged 18 years or older, and when shopping through us, must live in the United States.

Are your products safe?

We make a fierce commitment to ensuring all our products are safe. Every product is batch-tested through a third-party lab to confirm the products are free of pesticides, heavy metals, pollutants, fertilizers, and other contaminants. They also verify the content level of THC, CBD, cannabinoids, and other compounds found in the product.

Are your products tested through a third-party lab?

Yes, every single batch of each of our products is tested through a third-party lab!

Can your products treat or cure my symptoms/condition?

We don’t pretend to make any medical claims, and we’ll never say our hemp-derived products are a treatment or cure for any condition. CBD, delta-8 THC, and other hemp-derived products haven’t been approved by the FDA in the treatment of anything (besides specific conditions for CBD). We always recommend speaking with a certified medical professional before you determine if you should incorporate CBD or any of our other products into your daily routine or if your condition could benefit from them in some way.

Do your products expire?

Hemp, CBD, delta-8 THC, and all the other hemp derivatives don’t technically have an expiration date. However, they may be susceptible to mold if left out in the open instead of in an airtight container. Additionally, they lessen in potency over time. Your products will be at their most potent upon delivery, but they will lessen as time goes on.

What kind of testing goes into your products?

We’re proud to say every batch of our products is lab-tested rigorously at third-party, independent labs to not only assure accurate cannabinoid content, but also to ensure the purity and safety of the product. This verifies that our products are strictly free of any potential contaminants or pollutants.

Will your products interact with other medications?

More research is necessary in this area, and we can’t provide medical advice on this matter. Please consult with a qualified medical professional before incorporating CBD into your daily routine if you’re concerned it will interact with other medications you’re currently on.

Is there any delta-9 THC in your products?

We ensure we meet the legal maximum or less of the THC allowed in hemp products, so there is a chance that our products contain 0.3% delta-9 THC or less.

Can I sell your products?

Absolutely. Contact us at [email protected] to find out about our wholesale options and how you can sell our products — either with our branded labels or yours!

What is your return policy?

All our products carry a 10-day customer “buyer’s remorse” guarantee that you can find out more about on our return policy page. If you aren’t satisfied with the product and it hasn’t been opened yet, you can return the product within 10 days — and we give you a full refund!

What if my products arrived damaged?

Firstly, please note that our products are quality-tested. Secondly, we inspect all shipments before they leave the warehouse. Thirdly, and also listed on our return policy page, you must make all claims for damaged goods within the first 48 hours of receiving them. Lastly and, most importantly, always inspect products upon delivery of your order to ensure it wasn’t damaged during shipping.

I still have a question that wasn’t answered on this FAQ. What now?

Let us know! We want to answer all your questions, so feel free to contact us if we haven’t answered one of your questions here. In addition, you can also shoot us an email over at [email protected]. We look forward to speaking with you!

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