Lab Results

It’s our goal to be as transparent as possible throughout every step of our process. That means giving you high-quality lab results so you can feel more confident in our products! Take a look through our various most recent lab results below.

D8 Dist Batch PDF

Delta-8 Gummies:

delta 8 gummies lab results

Delta-8 Extract (goes in all other delta-8 products):

delta 8 lab results

Broad-spectrum CBD formula:

Curcumin + CBD Softgels:

Melatonin + CBD Softgels:

10mg CBD Softgels:

25mg CBD Softgels:

CBD Brownies:

CBD brownies

CBN Isolate:

cbn isolate

CBD Flower (Awesome Blossom):

Awesome Blossom

CBG/CBD Flower (White CBG):

White CBG

CBD Dog Chews:

dog chews lab results