We often use the term “aquaponics” when discussing the system we use to cultivate our cannabis. In this guide, we want to touch on exactly what aquaponics is, and why we use it compared to other growing methods. 

What is aquaponics? How does it differ from growing hydroponically or outside? Let’s dive into answering these questions and more!

What is Aquaponics?HowAquaponicsWork

So, let’s get to the question at hand — what is aquaponics? Aquaponics is a system that already happens naturally. It’s the process that mimics all the waterways across Earth – all the lakes, rivers, ponds, and more.

In fact, once you get the fish, all you need is fish food and sunlight or artificial light to keep the whole process sustainable. The fish eat the food and excrete waste, which is converted to nutrients plants can use by beneficial bacteria. Likewise, you can’t use any pesticides, herbicides, or other pollutants in making an aquaponics system. This leaves the plants and fish safe to consume and healthful.

The benefits of using aquaponics extend so much further than that, though.

How Does an Aquaponics System Work10 Benefits of Growing Aquaponically

Now that we know what aquaponics is, let’s get into the benefits of growing with an aquaponic system.

1. It’s All-Natural, Baby

Firstly, it’s an all-natural fertilizer source using fish waste. That makes it a more economical grow choice! It means it avoids agricultural run-off that would otherwise pollute the natural environment. 

In layman’s terms, growing aquaponically means we’re using fish poop as fertilizer – an all-natural material that doesn’t pollute the earth.

2. Less Water for More Crops – a Win-Win

Secondly, an aquaponics system uses just 1/6th of the water per acre. And that’s to grow eight times the crop compared to traditional agriculture methods.

We use less water to grow more crops, and being able to save water is always a plus.

3. Recycle the Water We UseAquaponics

And the water we do use? We can recycle it! Aquaponics uses 90% less water compared to soil gardening. 

Our aquaponics system can continuously recycle water through the plants and the fish tank. The only water we lose is through plants’ transpiration and the fish tank’s evaporation.

4. Farming Done Smarter

Aquaponics eliminates the need to plow or turn the soil, which reduces potential erosion. We don’t have to do the back-breaking work of pulling weeds or turning soil. 

It also reduces the cost compared to a conventional horticultural farm, so we can put more capital into our fish and our products.

5. Pesticide- and Herbicide-Free System

Our aquaponics system is set up within a greenhouse, so there are very few bugs to manage. That means our system can be completely herbicide- and pesticide-free.

Pesticides are extremely dangerous to fish, so they’re never recommended for an aquaponics system. You’re left with a clean, non-toxic product that’s all-organic.

Aquaponics6. Zero Growth Hormones (or Antibiotics)

Our fish live in a thriving system, so they don’t require growth hormones or antibiotics. We would never provide our fish with anything but the best! 

Antibiotics in an aquaponics system can impact plant growth and quality. It can also impact nutrient solubilizing micro-organisms and the maintenance of the nitrification biofilm. The same goes for growth hormones. 

In simple terms, any sort of hormones or fish additives may harm the plants – and the fish! And we don’t want to harm our fish or our cannabis.

7. Grow Season Never Stops!

The aquaponics method allows for continuous production. Grow season never stops – it can be all year long! That means multiple harvests a year so that we can keep maintaining fresh, potent products.

8. We Can Also Grow QUICKER

Best of all, using an aquaponics system has added benefits for cannabis. 

Aquaponics is one of the best ways to grow cannabis quickly. The aquaponics system causes plant roots to take in higher levels of oxygen, thereby absorbing more nutrients. 

Out of any industry, aquaponics really does have a home in the cannabis field.

9. We Get to Donateis it really fish poop?

An aquaponic system also means we’re never NOT producing fish and plants – and fish poop. As a result, we’re proud to be able to donate fish poop and other resources to local farms. Since we’re local to the Memphis area, we’re honored to help our community here!

10. And We Still Have Extra

And even after all that, we still have extra. So, what do we do? Sell it to you! We sell our fish poop online to help growers far and wide with their grow systems.

Want to learn more about fish poop and its benefits? Find out why the heck we sell fish poop in our blog on the topic.

Why We Do Aquaponics

If it weren’t clear already, we use an aquaponics system because it’s superior to other methods. 

Plants grow faster, but also more healthfully. 

Aquaponics is more water-efficient because you never have to change out the water. 

We do aquaponics because it gives us nutrient-rich, potent hemp-based products. It gives us powerful CBD and enables us to formulate dank delta-8 products. 

With our intuitive aquaponics system, we’ve found a way to offer something unique — something better. 

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