Delta-8 THC continues to make its rounds across the nation. They’re available in a massive variety of products, from cartridges and softgels to a range of edibles and drinkables. And what each has in common is that they’re made thanks to delta-8 concentrates.

The term delta-8 concentrates may get thrown around a lot. An extract of the THC, we use delta-8 distillate to make most of our other delta-8 products. 

Cannabis consumers make the switch to these legal delta-8 products every day. Users that are new to cannabis altogether enjoy that delta-8 helps them ease into the industry. Others have their own reasons for picking up the federally legal form of THC.

Everyone can do to understand concentrates better, though, as well as the ways you can use them. In this guide, we want to look at some of the many ways you can consume our delta-8 concentrates.

What are Delta-8 Concentrates?What are concentrates

To touch on delta-8 concentrates we need to understand what a cannabis concentrate is beforehand. The cannabis industry continues to make massive strides as it finds new ways to refine the consumer end experience. Concentrates offer versatile, effective ways of delivering exactly what some users are looking for in a hemp product.

What are Concentrates?

First, let’s get into concentrates. Think of other concentrates you may know — even orange juice is a great example. Orange juice is achieved by distilling oranges. By focusing on the desired parts of the plant, we can draw out the source fiber. The same goes for cannabis! And thus, cannabis concentrates are born.

Removing the actual plant matter increases the bioavailability of the cannabinoids and terpenes on an ounce for ounce basis. This makes them much more potent and easy to utilize. Cannabinoids and terpenes are responsible for the smell, taste, and effects that cannabis is known for. 

To single these out and make them stronger by volume, you can experience the best parts of the plant. Rosin, kief, and dry sift are popular examples of concentrates that are made without the use of solvents. 

Solvent-based concentrates are a little more labor-intensive and give an even more focused form of cannabinoid. Through the use of solvents, every trace of residual plant matter can be removed. Even individual cannabinoids, like delta-8 THC, can be singled out for extraction. 

So, then, What are Delta-8 Concentrates?

Delta-8 concentrates are, well, — exactly what they sound like. They’re the end-product of a long, multi-step process of distillation and refinement that leaves up to a 99% pure extract.

We can then apply that extract to a variety of other products to create new, exciting combinations. Take our delta-8 flower for example. We’ve added delta-8 distillate to our potent CBG and CBD hemp flower strains to create a powerful combo. 

Other excellent examples include any of our delta-8 edibles, from our gummies to our fruity squares

There are also our delta-8 softgel capsules, which contain delta-8 distillate in its purest form since distillate is the only ingredient.

The medley of cannabinoids and terpenes can encourage a powerful entourage effect. Delta-8 concentrates prove to be a powerful aid in maximizing a user’s experience. 

So the next logical question is, what are the best ways to use delta-8 concentrates? The question has multiple answers, and may even have more in the future. We can’t attest to every single way people are using delta-8 concentrates, but we can go over the favorites.

Below, let’s dig into 6 ways to enjoy delta-8 concentrates and even a few of the options available in each category. Hopefully, by the end of this blog, you may find something that resonates with how you want to experience delta-8.

6 Ways to Consume Delta-8 Concentrates

Even in an ever-changing world like that of cannabis, there are some tried and true ways of experiencing cannabis that never changes. These apply to delta-8 concentrates, even if the experience isn’t the same as traditional cannabis. 

Following the age-old idiom “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, we can see that delta-8 concentrates are just as potent an experience following traditional methods of use as delta-9 THC. While some of the methods of consumption are relatively new (like vape cartridges) most of the others on the list should sound extremely familiar. 

So without any delay, let’s get you started on figuring out which options out there sound like a fun and exciting experience that fits your particular needs.

Smoke ItSmoke it

This is almost certainly the oldest trick in the book. It’s also probably the most well-known. When it doubt, light it up! Smoking the plant dates back as far back as most of recorded history in many cultures across multiple continents.

Oftentimes this practice was centered around religious ceremonies or medical treatment. Eventually, it moved onto recreational purposes as time rolled forward. Whatever your purpose and desire for the plant, we support it. The team at Ounce of Hope strives to make a variety of options available, including multiple hemp strains to smoke.

You might be wondering, how are these delta-8 concentrates? Well, we drench our already potent hemp flower with the delta-8 concentrates. And thus, an even more powerful type of legal bud is born!

We added a list of strains that follow all the same rules as the more commonly known marijuana flower. However, none have the delta-9 THC that marijuana is famous for. Maybe you’ve been in the market for a new flower strain to try. You could use this as your sign to give one of these exceptional options a try.

Delta-8 Flower

Delta-8 flower strains are as close to legal marijuana as we’ve got. Derived from hemp, the strains always contain 0.3% or less delta-9 THC. Instead, we focus on the delta-8 aspect. We prioritize the cannabinoids we can breed abundantly in hemp. Then, we drench the buds with our d8 THC distillate, a type of delta-8 concentrate.

This allows us to provide all of the benefits that cannabis has to offer without breaking federal law surrounding THC.

white cbg

Our most popular delta-8 flower strains include:

White CBG

Our delta-8+CBG hybrid strain, White CBG, is known for offering an uplifting euphoria. This particular strain comes packed with a cannabinoid profile consisting of 14.68% delta-8 THC and 9.77% CBG.

Many users pick this up as a daytime strain. Often, it is reported by fans to increase their focus and energy making it perfect for tackling daytime tasks. At the same time, it lets the user feel calm and relaxed throughout the effects. 

White CBG’s flavor and aroma profile offer users hints of vanilla and pine. This makes it as tasty as it is effective. On the symptom side, users note their relief from inflammation, nausea, and even certain types of chronic pain.

suver haze


All in all, White CBG is proving to be a stellar strain. It comes highly recommended for those looking to try out a delta-8 concentrate flower. 

Suver Haze

With little to no seeds each harvest, Suver Haze is packed with potency. This is a sativa-dominant hybrid that comes in at 20% CBD and 10.3+% delta-8 THC. The sweet balance offers up a powerful combination and encourages a potent entourage effect. We tried to really make use of the delta-8 concentrates at our disposal.

Users have reported a wide range of minor symptom relief and relaxation. The combined effects of the CBD and delta-8 THC allow the user to experience a very mellow de-stress. 

Thanks to its rich terpene profile, the strain also smells and tastes delicious. If less of a buzz and more of a relaxing time is what you’re after, you’re in luck with Suver Haze. It may very well check all the boxes for you. As a result, it’ll deliver an excellent way for you to unwind after a long day.

Hawaiian Haze

delta 8 flowerAs an uplifting sativa, Hawaiian Haze is another delta-8 strain considered ideal for daytime use. At 11.25% CBD and 18.26% delta-8 THC, Hawaiian Haze packs quite a punch. Many users report a very intense rush from this one. Keep in mind, though, that everyone is different. Test the waters and start low and slow to see how it hits you. 

The best part for its dedicated fans revolves around the tropical terpene profile. Pineapple and mangos seamlessly blend with subtle notes of lavender and pine. It produces flavors and aromas that invoke images of a perfect island getaway. 

Potent levels of delta-8 dominate this blend. Therefore, the strain can deliver an intense impact. We recommend it for a lazy day away from the hustle and bustle of your otherwise busy week. When you need to step away from everything for a few hours of You time, Hawaiian Haze has your back. Make that self-care time count.

Outside of traditional strains and flower lies something similar but with a new-age spin. That new niche is best known as Moon Rocks. 

delta 8 moon rocksDelta-8 is no stranger to moon rocks. It proves to be a compound amazingly suited for it. 

Wait — What’s a Moon Rock?

If this phrase is new to you, you’re not alone. The term Moon Rock is relatively new on the cannabis scene.

A normal Moon Rock consists of a flower bud dipped in hash oil, then rolled in kief. This amalgamation drives the potency of the flower through the roof and makes the high wildly intense. 

The juggernaut of a bud is about as potent as it gets, and the delta-8 variety is no exception. 

As a concept, delta-8 Moon Rocks are almost the same. In place of the highly concentrated delta-9 THC, though, is instead delta-8. Since we derive ours from hemp, that means Delta 8 Moon Rocks are perfectly within federal legal guidelines.

We’re no stranger to this powerful, new form of flower. We’re confident we’ve perfected the art when it comes to delta-8.

Our Delta-8 Moon Rocks are a wonderful way to experience the most potent form of delta-8 and see what it is truly capable of. Though the high is different and normally not as potent as delta-9, This concentrate is not as mellow as other delta-8 products. 

We recommend you try some of our other delta-8 products before jumping right into our Moon Rocks, as the experience could be a little intense for those unfamiliar with the high delta-8 provides. 

Vape It

Here’s a 21st century spin on a plant as old as time. Delta-8 vape cartridges offer all the benefits of traditional combustion, without some of the downsides. One of the biggest benefits, of course, is that you’re not inhaling something that’s on fire.

Vaping delta-8 is just as potent, if not more so than smoking flower. It also has a higher level of concentrate since it’s been distilled. Another added benefit is the lack of additives or fillers since the oil itself comes out pure and potent. 

lemon runtz

We here at Ounce of Hope love how well delta-8 performs in a vape cartridge. That’s why we have just the thing for those seeking the smooth, flavorful cloud life. 

Lemon Runtz Delta-8 Vape Cartridge

One of the popular products we have in our delta-8 lineup is the Lemon Runtz vape cartridge. Lemon Runtz itself is a hybrid strain and has massed a following around its incredibly fruity flavor profile. Its aroma smells just like a bag of its candy namesake. 

The resin-drenched buds of this particular strain range from a deep rich purple up to electrifying lime green. Both add to its substantial visual appeal. This strain is noted as producing a euphoric and uplifting set of effects that are reputed to be long-lasting. 

But this isn’t the only cartridge on the block. 

Watermelon Sugar Delta-8 Vape Cartridge

Another popular vape-based delta-8 product in our lineup is our Watermelon Sugar flavor. Where Lemon Runtz is packed with strong and noticeable fruity flavor, Watermelon Sugar is designed to be much more mellow. 

The flavor combines the taste of subtle, sweet watermelon mixed with skunky aromas and is reminiscent of late summer days. This is the perfect addition to a relaxing evening outside or even just laid out across a comfy couch. 

Eat itEat It

Smoking has been a method of choice for thousands of years. Inhaling cannabis compounds isn’t the only way to gain the plant’s benefits, however. Eating the plant may offer similar and sometimes even better experiences. 

That only becomes more true as time goes on. With delta-8 being harvested in concentrated form, opinions for its use only keep growing. Ounce of Hope happily embraces the idea that snacktime is better when it has a touch of something extra. 

The goal was to find the best ways to make delta-8 a delicious option when you want a quick treat. While not a comprehensive list of everything we carry, here are a few of our community and long-distance customers’ favorites. 

Delta-8 Brownie Bites

We had a stellar delta-8 extract chockful of other cannabinoids. We had a mouth-watering brownie recipe. So how do we move forward from here? Combine the two into one beautiful product! 

Delta-8 is a wild ride on its own. Then we put it with some friends to encourage the entourage effect and bring forth its potential.

If you love baked goods, our delta-8 brownie bites may be calling out to you. These moist, chocolatey bites are one of our most popular products by far. If you give them a chance, you’ll likely quickly find out why.

delta 8 gummies as delta-8 concentratesDelta-8 Gummies

If baked goods don’t quite hit your craving, they’re far from the only option. Our delta-8 gummies are compact, delicious, and potent. On top of that, the experience isn’t ruined by an overbearing hemp flavor. 

These gummies are an ideal alternative for all users looking for a good buzz without the over-the-top high from marijuana.

Think of them as a small package that delivers a powerful punch. And even though gummies don’t hold up well to heat, shipping them is no issue. All gummies are frozen before shipping. We even throw in cold packs to make sure they get to you fresh and ready to eat. 

They’re a delicious, potent but sweet treat that delivers a clear-headed and relaxing high. If that sounds up your alley, our delta-8 gummies might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Delta-8 Dark Chocolate

Not everyone wants something overpoweringly sweet, or even fruity, and we understand that. Maybe the call of bittersweet, dark chocolate is stronger to you. Fortunately, we still have options for those who prefer something more subtle but just as potent.

This is for the dark chocolate lovers out there. Our delta-8 dark chocolate bars come in at 65% cacao. Not overly sweet, and also not too bitter. A perfect in-between for a chocolate fan to give delta-8 a test drive.  

Each 225 mg package comes with a bar pre-scored in 15 pieces. This means spacing out little treats is hassle-free and easy to enjoy. With each piece containing 15 mg of delta-8 THC, it is super easy to try delta-8 in small increments to find out exactly how much you’re comfortable with. 

Once you get a feel for how much delta-8 you’re comfortable with, the fifteen pieces become easy to keep track of so you can ride out the high on your time. 

For those more inclined for sweeter chocolate, delta-8 milk chocolate bars are also available. 

Drink Itsurp  delta-8 concentrates

Not everyone wants to go through the process of eating something just to get the kick from delta-8. Maybe smoking isn’t your method of choice either. To both of those dilemmas, Ounce of Hope says: we’ve got you. That’s where SŪRP and tinctures come in!

Delta-8 SŪRP

One of the newest additions to our lineup is quickly becoming a star in this niche genre. Our delta-8 SŪRP is designed to be taken as a liquid by itself, or mixed into your favorite drink. 

If you prefer to get a dose over and done with, SŪRP can function like any other liquid supplement. A tablespoon is all you need to get the fast-acting relief delta-8 offers from a long day of work. Depending on when you take it during your day, you may even see relief from struggles with insomnia.

The beauty of SŪRP is not just in its flavors, but its versatility with them. SŪRP comes in a nice pair of flavors: grape and strawberry. That’s what gives this particular syrup an edge. Mixing either of them with a favorite juice opens up the option of a deliciously refreshing drink with the zesty spring of delta-8. 

Another alternative is to combine them with a favorite drink and freeze them for a frozen popsicle treat. The options end where your imagination does and that’s why SŪRP is quickly becoming such a popular product.

CBD+delta 8 oil delta-8 concentratesFull-Spectrum CBD+Delta-8 Oil

While most of the edible options are filled with flavor and sweetness, this isn’t universal. Some people prefer a more traditional approach to their self-treatment. This brings us to one of the more mainstream options available at Ounce of Hope.

Our Full-Spectrum CBD+Delta-8 oil is made like any other traditional tincture. After vigorously distilling and making sure our cannabinoid solution is as pure as possible, we suspend it in an all-natural MCT oil. 

What is a tincture?

Just in case this is a new word in your life, let’s give a quick explanation of what exactly it is we are making here. 

A tincture is a concentrated extractor made from herbal items. Things like bark, berries, and leaves are examples of the bio-matter tinctures that can be pulled from. These are suspended in a solvent like alcohol or vinegar. The solvent pulls all the active ingredients out of the plant matter so you can have a liquid form of all its potential benefits. 

The application of tinctures has been around for millennia are was the basis of a long list of traditional herbal medicine. 

How do I use a CBD and Delta-8 tincture?

Tinctures have a few ways to be used. One of the most common is simply to place a few drops under the tongue. It’s then left to sit for a few seconds before swallowing the rest. This lets it soak into your system the fastest, and allows the user to feel the effects quickly. 

This method may not be for everyone, as the flavor profile tends to be very hemp-heavy. Others may mix a little into their drink of choice to make it have as low an impact on the taste buds as possible. 

This is an option for those who have to watch their sugar intake or just don’t prefer to have something sweet in general. 

Rub It In

You don’t have to just ingest delta-8 concentrates. Rather, you can apply the formula externally and still have a positive impact. Your skin is your largest organ, and that means it can absorb things like a salve extremely easily. 

This allows your body to use delta-8 and CBD where it is needed instead of diffusing through the digestive system across your entire body. Most people would use a salve like this to address issues surrounding things like joint ache, sore muscles and tension, and dry, cracked skin. So the ability to apply a delta-8 salve directly to the affected area is priceless. 

Our CBD+Delta-8 salve is made with hemp rosin, beeswax, coconut oil, and aromatic essential oils. It’s a simple, but powerful, formula. And it also allows us to show off a natural formula free of preservatives and additives. 

Maybe body aches or dry skin are something you contend with. Giving our CBD+Delta-8 salve a try may be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Swallow It

Wrapping up our shortlist of delta-8 concentrates, we pop back into the world of ingestible delta-8. Plenty of users enjoys the strong flavors of edibles or the smooth experience of a vape. Some, however, simply want to take their dose quickly and have it over and done with. Luckily, we already have a solution.

There’s not a more convenient and hassle-free way to get high than a delta-8 THC softgel capsule. These capsules are easy to swallow, flavorless, and consist of only delta-8 distillate. No filler, no flavor. 

If you want to take your delta-8 and move on with the day, this option should certainly grab your attention.

What about wax for  delta-8 concentratesWhat About Wax?

Now that we’re at the end, you may have noticed we left out a big one — wax, shatter, and other types of pure concentrate. We thought it was a bit too obvious to mention! If you’re using that type of concentrate, you likely already know to use a dab rig or dab pen. 

Shatter is fun, but there’s so much more to love about delta-8 distillate. Furthermore, there are so many other exquisite products to enjoy delta-8 THC with.

how to choose delta-8 concentratesHow to Choose the Right Delta-8 Concentrates

This is a pretty common question when it comes to delta-8. Which one is right for you? Well, the answer isn’t as straightforward as the question, but that’s okay. 

Delta-8 is being studied for its wide range of possible applications, but even so, not everyone reacts the same way since everyone is different. Most consumable forms of delta-8 will have similar effects and the only major difference would be the intensity. 

External applications like our CBD+Delta-8 Salve will have more targeted effects than say, the whole body experience of a vape or flower. There’s no wrong way to take delta-8 concentrates (as long as you buy the right form and use it accordingly). It’ll always be down to what feels best to you. 

So to choose a delta-8 concentrate product just ask yourself “What am I trying to experience?”. If it’s a mellow buzz, maybe a lighter mg edible is right for you. Or, maybe you want something more intense. Moon Rocks might be the way to go. If you’re experimenting with sore muscles or dry skin, our salve is the go-to choice. 

You should always use delta-8 in moderation at the beginning to see how it affects you. Likewise, discuss delta-8 with a healthcare professional to ensure it’s safe for you.

How Delta-8 Concentrates are Different

Delta-8 concentrates are similar to other forms of concentrates in many ways, but they still have unique properties and processes unique to their situation. What you might not know right away is that even though delta-8 is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in hemp, it’s not very abundant.

Delta-8 makes up only 1% of the cannabinoid total found within hemp. This means hemp has to go through an extremely rigorous and strenuous process to produce usable amounts of delta-8 THC. This is why, on average, delta-8 products cost more than the very abundant delta-9 market.  

In simplified terms, all delta-8 products contain delta-8 concentrates. It’s the only way to make sure there is enough to use. 

Since delta-8 is always a concentrate, we can provide our customers with numerous options and flavors to make sure you can find something that resonates with you. No one product is inherently better than the other, so it comes down to personal preference. So you just have to give them a try and see what works best for you. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the number of ways to use delta-8 THC is plentiful. Maybe you prefer edibles or capsules; maybe you want something to inhale. You might want something to apply to your skin. Whatever you prefer, you can make the most out of delta-8 concentrates with our variety of products.

As you can see, it boils down to personal preference. Each method is valid, it all just depends on what you want. Ease into this new and exciting world with a lower mg range to test how you’ll react to it. See for yourself why the craze around delta-8 is still going strong!