People are more accepting of tattoos than ever before in this current modern era. After years of being hidden under sleeves or with concealer, tattoos make it to the limelight. Now, a 2019 poll from Ipsos observes that three in 10 Americans have at least one tattoo. 

And with the surge in the popularity of tattoos, tattoo care is getting a spotlight, too. 

This guide will explain why you use CBD salve on a new tattoo. Is it worth the hype? What fresh ink salve is the best for healing and a speedy recovery? You may even learn more benefits of using CBD topicals. Let’s dive in to discover the science behind a CBD tattoo salve.

Why Use CBD Salve on a New Tattoo?

You may be wondering — what’s the big deal about CBD? How can it help a tattoo more than the average tattoo salve?

That’s 1 in every seven adults. However, the number rose to 18% in 2021 and 1 in every four US adults. Nowadays, people are familiar with CBD and use it in new ways.

With the rise in CBD and tattoos, it makes sense to see some consumers use CBD for their tattoos. The adverse side effects of a tattoo — pain, inflammation, tender skin — may find relief through cannabidiol.

What is CBD?

As a quick refresher, CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid in hemp. Non-intoxicating, CBD offers a world of difference compared to the other most famous cannabinoid, AKA THC.

The most common reasons people cite for using CBD are for fighting inflammation and pain relief. And people of all ages are getting in on the trend. However, the Boomer generation has become the most avid CBD consumer to date.

Everyone is different, so it’ll depend on how CBD affects you. However, there are several benefits that cannabidiol may be able to provide. Coincidentally, some of these benefits coincide perfectly with getting some new ink.

4+ Reasons CBD Can Help with Tattoos

Unlike the fly-by-night businesses that claim all things can be beneficial as a topical ointment, CBD is scientifically backed in this department. CBD molecules are small enough to be absorbed through the pores of your skin. 

Even though CBD is small enough to get into your epidermis layer, it isn’t small enough to get down into your bloodstream through your skin. That means the effects of CBD salves are localized to where they are applied. 

CBD is absorbed down into skin cells called sebocytes. These cells house the glands that produce sebum oil, the fluid responsible for keeping our skin flexible. From this place, the CBD can work where the salve is applied. 

CBD and its extensive applications are still under research, but some things in its nature have already been revealed. In addition, a large amount of medical research has already shed light on tried and true medical applications surrounding CBD, and below, we have covered some of those that can help with a new tattoo. 

1. Pain Relief

It’s no secret that tattoo hurt. A big reason to use CBD salve on a new tattoo is the pain factor. One of the most well-known issues when getting tattoo work is the pain that happens during and after. The pain that comes with a new tattoo can increase in intensity depending on where you get one. Some of the most sensitive areas include places like the ribcage, feet, or around the knees. 

Some over-the-counter medications may seem a no-brainer for helping tattoo pain, but that thinking can be counterproductive. While helping with pain management, things like Ibuprofen also thin the blood. If taken during tattoo work or even before, it can increase the likelihood of bleeding. 

CBD provides an alternative to these without increasing the difficulty of the work. In high enough doses CBD potentially impacts how your body and brain respond to pain. Cannabinoids have a penchant for reducing your sensitivity to pain. 

The best part is CBD does all this without any unwanted side effects. So while its ability to help you deal with pain is exemplary, the benefits don’t stop there.

In simple terms, CBD salves may help with pain relief. The fact that you’re using it as aftercare for a tattoo is a no-brainer to help reduce the pain.

2. Anti-Inflammationwhy use CBD salve on a new tattoo, inflammation

Anything that damages the skin can cause swelling and inflammation. Unfortunately, tattoo work can lead to these kinds of effects reasonably often, so any topical lotion you use needs to be able to help reduce it as much as possible. 

CBD is a potent, naturally occurring anti-inflammatory. Without any assistance, CBD provides powerful relief from the inflammation and damage that happens to the skin when a new tattoo is being worked on. In addition, since CBD is small enough to seep down into the sebaceous glands, it is a prime candidate to treat localized inflammation as a tattoo heals. 

Research on CBD and its medicinal benefits has been a long-running project, and the anti-inflammatory nature of its makeup is well established. Therefore, the use provides where tattoos are concerned is a no-brainer regarding effectiveness and safety. 

3. Faster Healing

After a tattoo session is finished, the area will become red and swollen. The reaction is normal and expected since it causes the immune system to kick in. This part of recovery can take a while to subside; when it does, it will often be accompanied by intense itching. 

To help get through this part of the process, many people continue to turn to topical CBD creams, oils, lotions, and serums. The natural anti-inflammatory nature of CBD is the chief aspect.

With the inflammation making up the core of scarring and damage, staying on top means speeding up your recovery. Inflammation is also the main culprit of how itchy your skin can be. Keeping it to a minimum helps prevent scratching at the skin and causing even more damage. 

Unlike over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen, CBD is much more gentle and does not thin the blood. Tattooists often advise that CBD products are safe before and after a tattoo because of this aspect. 

4. Reduce Anxiety

Aromatic molecules that help you calm down and stay relaxed and in the right mindset for getting a tattoo. 

It’s normal to feel nervous or have anxiety when you’re getting a tattoo. Some people getting tattoos try to balance that anxiety with drugs or alcohol. If they get caught, though, the tattoo is a no-go and they’re likely banned from that shop! 

Fortunately, CBD may help calm you down. When you pair regular CBD with the aromatic molecules we use in our CBD salves, you get the perfect combination. 

Stay relaxed and in the right mindset for getting a tattoo by using our topicals combined with our oils or other consumables. 

Even a dropper full of CBD oil before you start the tattoo can do wonders for your nerves about it. Plus, the pain should be minimized, too, which is a root of fear for many people. It’s all clear when you use CBD instead!

Is it Safe to Use CBD Topicals on a Tattoo?

With an endless amount of topicals available that claim to be good for tattoos, it can get difficult to know what’s best to use. Most long-standing options used are factory-made combinations of unpronounceable ingredients.

Is it safe to use CBD topicals on a tattoo? Especially a new one? Research shows there’s zero negative effect to applying CBD topicals to the skin, tattoo or no tattoo. 

We believe it’s not only safe to use CBD topicals on a tattoo but something that could become a mainstream practice. The benefits of CBD are clear and painstakingly relevant to fresh tattoos, so it only seems like the logical next step.

How to Use CBD for Tattoos

Next, let’s look at not why use CBD salve on a new tattoo but the how involved. We’ll go through a step-by-step for aftercare, too, even though it’s just three simple steps.

Before/During Your Tattoo Appointment

So, it’s finally the day of your tattoo. Maybe you’ve been waiting for this appointment for weeks or even months. It’s your big day, so you likely are feeling a bit nervous about such an exciting adventure you’ve undertaken. 

If the nerves are too strong, though, it can make the tattoo experience an unpleasant one. That’s precisely where CBD comes in handy. Take one of our consumable CBD products about 30 to 90 minutes before you go under the needle.

Bonus: CBD doesn’t thin the blood, unlike other pain medications and/or alcohol, which users often use to numb some of the pain from tattoos. CBD is a much better alternative all around.

CBD Tattoo Salve Aftercare

  1. First, follow the instructions provided by your tattoo artist. They’ll likely tell you when you can start applying topicals for healing. A stage of your tattoo recovery will involve keeping it wrapped up tight with whatever your tattoo artist wraps it with. 
  2. Once you’ve ended that stage, you’re good to go with applying the CBD tattoo salve. As ideal tattoo aftercare, you can rub a frugal amount across the entire width and height of your new ink.
  3. Reapply as needed, but do NOT oversaturate your tattoo. You want to apply the salve 3 to 6 times per day, maximum. We do not recommend exceeding that amount, as you risk drowning your tattoo and causing some of it to potentially reject. The easy solution is to be frugal with your application and try not to apply too many times per day.

Wrapping Up: Why Use CBD Salve on a New Tattoo

In conclusion, we’re confident our CBD fresh ink tattoo salve is ideal for fresh tattoos. When paired with other CBD products, it works as the ultimate package for getting your next tattoo. 

Enjoy the balanced, blended combination in each of our 1.5 fl. Oz. jars of the salve, and have a fantastic next tattoo session.