We explain in a past guide what aquaponics is, which is how we grow our rich, hand-selected cannabis plants. The next step in the process of crafting CBD and delta 8 products, though, is to press down our hemp into extracts. We use rosin pressing as our go-to method. But what is rosin pressing? What are the benefits of rosin pressed extracts over other types? We want to take a deep dive into rosin pressing today.

What is Rosin?

If you’re not familiar, a rosin press extracts cannabinoids through heat and pressure. Rosin refers to the extraction process that provides resinous sap nearly instantly.  It’s exactly how we extract our CBD and delta-8 THC from hand-selected hemp strains. 

Rosin is often translucent or tinted the color of golden wax. It’s sometimes more like a sap, sometimes more shatter-like. The extract rivals the potency, flavor, and yield of any solvent-based product.

5 Benefits of Rosin Pressed Extracts

Solventless extractions are in high demand for a reason. We want to show you why so many processing facilities are making the switch to rosin extraction technology. Simple, efficient, and safe, let’s look at the biggest benefits rosin pressed extracts have to offer.

Requires No Solvents

Rosin is the purest of cannabis concentrates by many people’s standards. Why? It’s the only pure solventless solution. While RSO, BHO, and especially CO2 extractions are still mightily popular, they’re starting to take a backseat to rosin.

Unfortunately, solvent-based methods just have too long of a purging process for our taste. Likewise, the solvents have to be completely removed from the finished product. Otherwise, the product could be dangerous with potentially harmful residuals.

Rosin pressing results in pure, organic extracts. And we LOVE some pure, organic extracts. In reality, butane, alcohol, and other solvents can be harsh on the human body. Plus, they’re not the greatest for the environment, either.

With rosin, there’s zero risk of residuals for the finished product. We’re talking clean, solventless concentrates that can be turned into so many different products from here.

Super Versatile

In fact, rosin’s ability to be a base for countless products is what makes it so versatile. Yet another benefit, its diversity knows almost no bounds. 

Once you have a powerful extract chockful of cannabinoids, terpenes, and more, it’s easy to go from there. We can separate our extract into the CBD, delta 8, and even CBN products we offer. 

With rosin, you can make sugar, shatter, budder, wax, crumble — you name it.

Essentially, you have the power to make your favorite concentrates into any type of cannabis product using just rosin. Edibles, topicals, salves, softgels — we have it all for a reason, you know.

Max Potency

Rosin’s high cannabinoid content is just one of its many benefits. Since it is the purest type of cannabis concentrate, it makes sense it would also deliver the max potency. 

Cannabinoid concentration can be upwards of 80+%. Especially with how strong our starting plants already are, we know rosing pressing contributes to the product’s potency.

When you use rosin-pressed extracts for your products like we do, you get the maximum level of terpenes, cannabinoids, and other hemp compounds. Overall, this helps contribute to the taste, smell, and high of the extract. 

In fact, there’s a synergy involved when all hemp compounds are working together. Called the entourage effect, you’ll feel a better, more intense high from the overall product as a result.

Fast Acting

It’s a powerful concentrate, so it makes sense that it’s also fast-acting. Edibles do add to the time the rosin takes, however. Our vape cartridges are an excellent example of rosin products that are fast-acting, though. 

We mention the max potency rosin-pressed products have. Our vape cartridges have between 80% to 88% delta 8 THC, or 800 to 880mg, per cartridge. When it comes to rosin, a little can go a long way. 

The effects take hold quickly and can last longer than a high from smoking may last. It’s also why it’s best to dose a small amount at a time. This way, you can work your way up to and find your sweet spot for our products.

Safer to Produce

Opposed to any solvent-based product, rosin is automatically safer to produce. Precautions must be taken when producing butane extractions, for example. 

Butane is also susceptible to explosion and is incredibly flammable, making it a risky process. Extremely volatile, it’s an easy way for accidents to happen. Rosin avoids these risks entirely.

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