Recently, we launched a new line of hemp products. Instead of CBD or delta 8, though, they contain delta 9 THC. 

Since delta 9 THC is the standard THC in marijuana, you may be wondering: how? 

How do we have delta 9 THC available for shipping across 48 states? 

We want to take a deep dive into the answer today.

The 2018 Farm Bill — How We Have Delta 9 THC Products Availablehow we have delta 9 thc products available explaining 2018 Farm Bill

Specifically, the hemp act within the farm bill is where the magic happens. The 2018 Farm Bill defined hemp as any cannabis plant with 0.3% delta-9 THC or less on a dry-weight basis.

Now, the dry weight basis is the important part.

Delta-9 THC products derived from hemp plants are legal across at least 48 states. In the past, THC products made this way would have an even higher level of CBD. The concentration of cannabinoids would make the taste too hemp-like, making it unpalatable for most users.

With innovations in the formulation process, though, we’re on to bigger, better, and danker things. We’re able to remove excess CBD while keeping the rest of the naturally occurring cannabinoids in tact. 

The result is a fully legal, fully delicious hemp-derived delta-9 edible treat. These THC treats come in various forms, so be sure to keep reading.

Are Delta-9 THC Products Legal?

But — how? You may still be wondering that question. Allow us to explain further.

Essentially, everything is regulated by weight. The more a product weighs, the more THC we are allowed to use within that product.

It’s why our edibles have the highest THC across the market. They’re dense, so they’re packed with cannabinoids.

Think of it in that 0.3% THC limit context. If something weighs 3 grams, it can contain up to 9 milligrams of THC and still be fully federally legal. We thank you, 2018 Farm Bill!

Making the Most of the Entourage Effectcbd+thc-honey-detail

And it’s not just THC that has its hands on the effects and benefits of our edibles. There are an array of hemp compounds that come with that delta-9 THC.

Those compounds create a synergistic effect with enhanced benefits. Our products put a heavy focus on terpenes, with a rich minor cannabinoid profile, too. That means you’re getting the most out of what hemp offers.

Where are Delta-9 THC Products Available Now?

Our delta-9 THC products ship to 48 states! This means that delta-9 products are available now, online, in our shop. 

You can also enjoy them locally if you’re in Memphis to visit one of our dispensaries.

In the meantime, we want to show you what delta-9 THC products there are to offer.

Ounce of Hope’s Delta-9 THC Products

Full-Spectrum THC+CBD Oil

Before we get into our edibles, there’s also our full-spectrum CBD+THC oil. As a tincture, you place drops under your tongue to feel the effects. And overall, you’re likely to feel the effects from our oil faster than the edibles. It bypasses your digestive system because you put the drops under your tongue first.

CBD+THC Brownies

Now we get into the edibles, where you can eat them as a snack to feel it later. 

Generally, edibles take at least an hour to kick in, sometimes two, depending on several variables. Your cannabis tolerance, weight, age, and more all affect how quickly the edibles will take effect.

Enjoy these CBD+THC brownies for a kick that keeps on giving. With the CBD in it, too, you’re in for a calming effect with a twist.cbd+thc-honey


Our honey works faster than most edibles. 

Add our CBD+THC honey to your tea or coffee, liven up some dessert dishes, or simply eat it by the spoonful. You have options.

CBD+THC Peanut Butter Nuggets

Next up, a personal favorite: some of the best peanut butter nuggets you’ll ever taste. These treats are for the serious sweet tooth in your life.

It helps that they’re packed with CBD and THC.

Delta-9 THC Crinkle Cookies

Another favorite among our customers is the delta-9 crinkle cookies. These bad boys are as delicious as they look. Not overly sweet, they serve as a good dessert in the evening or even a quick snack throughout the day.

Delta-9 THC Chocolate Bars

Of course, we brought the chocolate bars back with delta-9 THC. A crowd pleaser when they were packed with delta-8 THC, we just had to see how people would react to delta-9 versions. And they love them! Give the milk chocolate bar or dark chocolate bar a try for a new take on a classic.

Wrapping Up: How We Have Delta-9 THC Available Now

In conclusion, we have delta-9 products available thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. 

Within the farm bill was the hemp act, which redefines hemp. The definition of hemp is any cannabis plant that contains 0.3% delta-9 THC or less on a dry-weight basis.

Our products all contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC, and we have the lab reports to back up that fact.

That means you can enjoy our products just about anywhere in the US of A. We can’t wait to hear about your experience.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out and we’re happy to get back to you as soon as we can with an answer.