Delta-8 THC is becoming ever more popular. In fact, you may be familiar with the THC yourself. It makes sense that you might still have questions, however. For example, if it’s a legal kind of THC, does delta-8 get you high? Furthermore, how does a delta-8 high make you feel? We want to explore the answers to all these questions and more today.

In previous blogs, we’ve touched on these questions briefly. Our blog on reasons you should make the switch to delta-8 gummies is an excellent example. If you want to look there at what people may expect to feel with delta-8 THC, feel free to take a look. We even go on to delve ever so lightly into the high of delta-8. Today, however, we’re going to dive far more in-depth.

What is Delta-8 THC?

We like to cover what delta-8 THC is just to catch anyone up who doesn’t already know. If you want to take a quick stop through our other delta-8 blogs to learn more, though, feel free to browse now. We answer hard-hitting questions, like how delta-8 is legal in the first place. Likewise, our comprehensive FAQ aims to answer in-depth questions about this type of hemp-derived THC.

As a quick summary, though, delta-8 THC is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. It’s just like CBD, THC, and all the other cannabinoids that are gaining a presence. Delta-9 THC is the THC that’s most abundant in marijuana. Meanwhile, delta-8 is only found in small percentages no matter the strain. As a result, we can use carefully cultivated hemp strains to extract as much delta-8 as we want. This makes it a perfectly legal operation.

In short, while d8 is a type of THC, it’s less potent than the one found in heavy abundance in marijuana plants. Instead, it offers people a chill high they can enjoy while they still maintain control over their day. It’s a high without the paranoia and anxiety that comes from high-delta-9 THC strains for some people. 

Does Delta-8 Get You High?

So, yes — delta-8 does get you high. But we know you’re not here for just a yes or no answer! We want to elaborate. Most descriptions note the delta-8 high is less potent than the traditional high from marijuana. 

It’s a lighter, more mild high. Some users, in fact, report it feeling like the same high as delta-9 without the rapid heart rate, paranoia, and anxiety that can come from marijuana. But how does delta-8 get you high in the first place? We can dive into that, too.

How Does Delta-8 Get You High?

Humans and other mammals have what’s called an endocannabinoid system, or ECS. Just like the respiratory system, immune system, or any other bodily system, the ECS helps the body function. In fact, researchers think this system is what helps most other bodily systems maintain homeostasis. (Homeostasis is just a fancy word for complete balance in the body.)

So, how does delta-8 get you high now that we know about this bodily system? Well, cannabinoids look almost molecularly identical to the endocannabinoids in our bodies. The little compounds that our ECS produces to help it function? THC and CBD can almost pass for them for the CB receptors throughout our body.

Delta-9 THC binds to the CB1 receptors very well, which is why it causes such an intense high. CBD doesn’t necessarily bind to the receptors, but still interacts with them. Meanwhile, delta-8 THC binds to the CB1 receptor, but not as intensely as delta-9 does. This is what gives delta-8 a chill high that can keep you focused and still in control while you vibe through the day.

Are there Any Delta-8 Side Effects?

Any cannabinoid has the potential for mild side effects. Delta-8 is best known for providing a high without the anxiety or paranoia that comes from the delta-9 version. However, that doesn’t stop it from having mild side effects of its own. 

Dry Mouth

This almost goes without saying. Cottonmouth comes with the territory. Delta-8 has the potential to cause temporary dry mouth. The keyword is temporary, fortunately. It can also be resolved even faster by just staying hydrated. Keep water on you when you’re getting high on delta-8 and you’ll be good to go.

Dry Eyes

Just like with dry mouth, cannabis has the ability to dry the eyes. Delta-8 likely won’t cause the same classic red eyes some can get from marijuana. It won’t hurt to stay hydrated so you can avoid getting dry eyes altogether, though.


This side effect can depend on the time of day you take delta-8. At night especially, drowsiness is more likely. It can cause fatigue and, in some cases, even lightheadedness. Just keep a close eye on how much you’re taking at a time. If you experience any mild side effects you don’t want, lessen your serving size. 

How Long Until the Delta-8 High Takes Effect

This depends greatly on the product you use, but other factors can also come into play. Your weight, tolerance to cannabis, age, and much more also have a role. For our delta-8 THC tincture, the onset is typically faster than the rest of our edibles. Besides our gummies, the edibles can take 30 minutes or longer before you start to feel the high. In fact, some people don’t experience anything until about 90 minutes in. This is just another of the many reasons we say it differs so much by the person.

The tincture, however, can be applied directly under the tongue. Like anything you’d take sublingually, that means it can skip passing through your digestive system. Just keep it under the tongue for about 90 seconds. For good measure, you might even swish the oil around and throughout your gums. This helps to not only kickstart the high, but also amplify it!

So, how long does it take for a delta-8 high to kick in? We’d say 15 to 90 minutes depending on the method you use. Our gummies are the easiest to digest out of our edibles, so they kick in the fastest after the tinctures. 

Wrapping Up: Does Delta-8 Get You High?

Is delta-8 THC the cannabinoid for you? We hope we were able to answer some questions for you today to help you better answer that question for yourself. Our delta-8 THC products can get you high without the intensity that can come from marijuana. It offers benefits that keep users coming back, especially when they get to try it in so many fun forms. Our gummies, brownie bites, and even our chocolate bars are a hit among repeat shoppers. That includes our dark and milk chocolate! Try out delta-8 THC for yourself today to see if it gives you the feeling you’ve been looking for.

Still want to learn more? Feel free to browse through our delta-8 THC blogs before you shop. Our goal is to be transparent to keep you as knowledgeable as possible and answer any questions you may have. It’s always our aim to make you an informed shopper.

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