You may have already seen my delta-8 gummy review blog if you’ve been here before. If not, feel free to check it out now. This time around, Collin (OoH’s owner and founder) sent me a variety of the delta 8 chocolates to sample and review. I’ll be providing my honest and impartial delta 8 chocolate review here today. 

Overall, I was impressed with the gummies and provided my full, unbiased review on the matter. I had a fantastic experience with Ounce of Hope’s candy then, and I just so happen to have the pleasure of writing for them (us?) as it is. Let’s dive into my delta 8 chocolate review so you can see how they compare to our delta 8 gummies.

Delta 8 Chocolate Review: How They Compare to Delta 8 Gummies

Like I explained in the gummy review, edibles don’t typically hit me very fast — if at all. In fact, sometimes I have the unfortunate luck of edibles not working for me at all. 

It could be how I metabolize THC in my digestive system, or maybe my tolerance to cannabinoids. Maybe it’s a combination of the two or something else entirely. 

Regardless, some edibles just don’t work for me. These are not those edibles. Just like the gummies, they work extremely well for even my high-tolerance system.

Where I felt the gummy start to kick in at almost the 15-minute marker, I had to be more patient with the delta 8 chocolates. 

Throughout my delta 8 chocolate review experience, I note the parallels between the high now and the high from the gummies then, as well as the differences. For example, the euphoria from the gummies is more notable with the chocolates. 

It’s also far more gradual for it to sneak up on me with the chocolates than it was with the gummies. The gummies came and went like a freight train, while the chocolates built up over the course of an hour and then let me vibe with them for a few hours more.

I wanted to be as patient as possible with this delta 8 chocolate review, giving it my full and undivided attention just like I did with my gummy review. 

With this, you get my most authentic and genuine reviews. Literally, I write as I eat the chocolate and experience its effects so that you can get someone’s real-life perspective of the stuff. Let’s jump in together!

Trying Delta 8 Chocolate for the First Time

As a quick refresh, delta 8 THC is a form of THC that we legally extract from hemp. The 2018 Farm Bill made industrial hemp and all of its derivatives legal as long as they contain 0.3% delta-9 THC or less on a dry-weight basis. Delta 8 THC happens to follow those guidelines, which is why we’re able to offer delta 8 products.

Now, delta 8 is a THC, but it’s still a less-potent form of THC. It’s not going to hit you like the delta 9 THC in marijuana does. Knowing that I never expect Ounce of Hope’s products to hit me the way they do. I get higher as I write this!

It’s not the same high you get from marijuana. But I would go so far as to say that a delta 8 high is somewhat better. You get more of a calm, stoned kind of feeling rather than the couch-lock dumb high you might get from marijuana. I’m talking, no accelerated heart rate, no sweating, no paranoia. Such a beautiful feeling.

Delta 8 Chocolate Review: 60 Minutes After

Let’s go over the bigger details. I’ll give you a play-by-play of what my delta 8 chocolate review was like. 

Unlike the gummies, I didn’t feel much until about an hour in. But then, the euphoria started to kick in. 

I probably felt the gummies about 15 minutes in and was starting to vibe even more after about 30 minutes. 

With the delta 8 chocolates, I didn’t notice the real head high until between an hour and two hours into it.

2 Hours After

An hour and a half into my large serving is about where I noticed it really starting to take off. It was about 2 hours in that I realized maybe the serving sizes were actually there for a reason.

For reference, a chocolate bar from Ounce of Hope offers 5 full servings of delta 8. A serving is 20mg delta 8 THC. Oftentimes this amount could be halved for those with a lower tolerance or first-time users/those newer to the cannabis industry.

Likewise, a delta 8 chocolate sample contains 25mg delta 8 THC per chocolate square. 

Among the package Collin sent me was a delta 8 milk chocolate bar and two delta 8 dark chocolate squares.

I made the passive decision to eat 10 squares, or 3 servings and a third of another serving, of the milk chocolate bar. I also ate one of the dark chocolate squares before I realized what I’d done. 

Was it delicious? Yes. Was it worth it? You bet. Did I expect to get as stoned as I feel right now? Absolutely not.

If you’re one of those people that wonders why they would spend 30 dollars on one chocolate bar, let me tell you, friend: this feels awesome. And it’s a completely legal way to get high. And I ate too much of it at one time, so it’s not like you’d waste the entire chocolate bar in one sitting. 

That 25 or 30 dollar milk chocolate or dark chocolate bar is multiple sessions of you enjoying the high and other benefits that come from delta 8. 

Or, maybe you’re looking to microdose to experience what delta 8 offers besides its high. The product lasts even longer.

Plus, the milk chocolate and dark chocolate squares are smaller samples you could use to test out the waters. If you’re unsure about whether you’d like the chocolate bars, the squares make it easy to see what delta 8 is like.

4 Hours After

Where I’m most fascinated by the high from these delta 8 chocolates is that I ate before I started in on the delta 8 chocolate review. 

I also ate lunch just before the 4-hour mark. (The high may have had something to do with the appetite, and those tacos were totally bomb.)

So color me surprised that the stoned feeling stuck around even after I’d eaten a full meal. In the stoner world, you may be familiar with the fact that eating can easily sober you up. This was not the case for me.

As I’ve had very few edible experiences where they make me feel anything, I can’t attest if an edible high is known to stick around even after eating. All I know is that I was impressed by the fact that my high did stick around.

6 Hours After

I ate my servings of delta 8 chocolate at around 11 AM on the day of the delta 8 chocolate review. Still enjoying the vibe at around 5 PM, I’m impressed with how long it’s lasted. 

Sure, the high is not nearly as strong as it was when it first kicked in, and especially not as strong as when it peaked. But to still be around 6 hours into this whole experiment? I’ve been made truly dazzled by these edibles. 

I’m finally a believer that they can make you feel incredibly chill, stoned, and still productive for an extended period of time.

Delta 8 Chocolate Review: What We Learned

Overall, I enjoyed the delta 8 chocolates even more than the gummies – which is saying something. I was expecting the gummies to stay my favorite forever. I’m so impressed with the way the delta 8 chocolate makes me feel. 

If you’re going to try delta 8 for the first time, this is certainly something I would recommend.

What Do Delta 8 Chocolates Taste Like?

Okay, I’m going to be honest – now that I’ve tasted these, the gummies have an aftertaste. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the delta 8 gummies because I was expecting some sort of cannabis aftertaste. While there was very little aftertaste, the hint of hemp was there.

With these delta 8 chocolates, the taste is completely undetectable to me. Seriously, you’d think you’re just eating a regular chocolate bar. It kind of helps explain why it was so easy for me to eat more than one serving. 

I’d definitely recommend sectioning off your serving and putting the rest of the way before you start to indulge. Please wait to see how one serving treats you, and then increase by half or one serving at a time.

Chocolate is tempting and delicious. Proceed with caution and get ready for a great time.

Dark Chocolate

Personally, I’m more of a dark chocolate fan. I saved the chocolate square for after my servings of milk chocolate. A dessert for my dessert, if you will.

The dark chocolate is fantastic. Bittersweet, it’s made up of 65% cocoa for a rich flavor. The taste sits on your tongue long after you’ve taken the bite; a perfect aftertaste for a perfect bite.

While I prefer dark chocolates that are just a bit darker (maybe 70 to 75%), these definitely leave a positive impression. If you opt for dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate more often than not, I’d shoot for these chocolate bars. Out of the delta 8 chocolate review so far, this is my favorite part.

Milk Chocolate

I want to preface this by saying I’m not typically a huge fan of milk chocolate. Very frequently, it’s too sweet, or I’m just not in the mood for it. 

Fortunately, I was in a big chocolate mood the day I went in on the delta 8 chocolate review. These milk chocolate bars are delicious! Not too sweet, I can easily see them being a go-to for chocolate fans. 

They taste light, airy, and sweet, and the cocoa butter in the recipe really stands out. I definitely think everyone should try at least a chocolate square to see if delta 8 through chocolate is their cup of tea or not.

Dark Chocolate VS Milk Chocolate: Which is Better?

Well, this obviously comes down to your opinion. So, personally, dark chocolate won this one for me. I’ve always preferred dark chocolate or semi-sweet to milk chocolate, so this was an easy pick. It never hurts to try out both to see for yourself, though. You never know which one you might end up liking the most.

Wrapping Up My Delta 8 Chocolate Review

In conclusion, the Ounce of Hope delta 8 chocolate line is my new favorite series of delta 8 products. There are chocolate squares in both dark chocolate or milk chocolate, as well as entire chocolate bars. 

If you’re a fan of sweets, especially the chocolatey variety like myself, this is our time to shine! Thanks for sticking around throughout my entire delta 8 chocolate review. I hope you were able to take away some helpful info about the products. Whether you try them or not, make sure you take a look through our delta 8 products to see if any might stick out at you.

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