The thought of using delta 8 THC to accomplish other tasks might seem counterproductive. After all, it is still THC, so it’s something that knowingly gets you high. How could you use it to tackle other things?  The answer is simple: microdosing. We want to explore how to microdose on delta 8 THC today. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about microdosing on delta 8. We’ll even look at all the ways you can incorporate it into your daily routine when learning how to microdose on delta 8.

How to Microdose on Delta 8 THC

First, what is microdosing? Microdosing is the practice of consuming very low doses of a substance. Typically, microdosing is related to psychedelics, but it can also be inclusive of cannabis. The practice has grown in popularity in recent years, though we still don’t have as much research as we’d like on the subject. 

The research we do have is rather recent, with a study from February 2019, to start. This self-reported study found that people who microdose psilocybin or LSD were found to experience better moods, be more open-minded, and even felt more creative. 

While it’s a self-reported study, it does show promise towards microdosing being effective for some people. 

Likewise, another February 2019 study looked at people who microdose psychedelics regularly. These users reported a better ability to focus and better overall mental health. 

Right now, a study is documenting the effects of microdosing on a person’s cognitive and creative abilities. This particular study is being headlined by the director and founder of the Beckley Foundation, Amanda Feilding. 

So, how does microdosing work when it comes to a substance like delta 8 THC, then?

Well, in the world of cannabis, microdosing is already not uncommon. Rather, users have started to take a special focus in microdosing cannabis or its derivatives. 

Microdosing delta 8, for example, could very well help reduce depression and anxiety, improve overall mood, and enhance creativity and productivity. Nothing is set in stone, but our users enjoy the results they get when they microdose on delta 8.

This can be said especially for a user that cannot smoke marijuana due to the negative symptoms they get from it. In some users, cannabis can cause paranoia, anxiety, and have other negative impacts. Microdosing in such low quantities has not demonstrated this same effect. As a result, users that can’t get high from the delta-9 THC in marijuana could potentially still enjoy a microdose quantity of delta 8. Mind you, you won’t get high — that’s the point of a microdose. However, you may experience the other positive effects the cannabinoid provides people. 

How Do You Microdose on Delta 8?

Before we look at the methods at your disposal to microdose on delta 8, we want to first explain how. The amount you use when learning how to microdose on delta 8 will be different for everyone. It’s good for us to cover it in the meantime so that you can be prepared to adjust your products to accommodate your specific needs. 

The biggest problem, in fact, when trying to microdose anything cannabis is figuring out where to start. The answer? It depends on the person. 

Some people say beginners should start with five milligrams, while others suggest 10 milligrams. Still, others suggest women should start with less than men — like between two and three milligrams. 

Your mood, body type, weight, cannabis tolerance, and the demands of the day will all play a factor in how much is the right microdose for you. Keep this in mind before you grab up some delta 8 products to get started on your microdosing journey.

5 Ways for How to Microdose on Delta 8

Now that we know how to microdose on delta 8, we want to explore all the potential ways you can get that done. What are the different ways to microdose on delta 8? Let’s dive into the ways below.

Remember, a microdose is when you take small amounts of something — in this case, delta 8 THC. Much smaller of an amount than you’d normally take. As such, it’s important to keep in mind that the amount will probably be too small to get you high. You’re microdosing for other reasons. Those reasons are the ways we’ll be talking about how to microdose on delta 8.

1. Take Delta 8 to Get Started with the Day

An easy way to incorporate delta 8 THC into your daily routine is to just get the day started with it. Utilizing softgels, gummies, or even a cartridge, you can get a precise serving towards the beginning of your day. There are quite a few reasons someone might want to do this. 

First, as we’ve already mentioned, microdosing is supposed to help improve your mood. Someone might very easily try to microdose on delta 8 regularly to experience a boost in their mood. 

Second, research suggests very low doses of delta 8 may help increase someone’s food intake — and then some. In fact, delta 8 microdoses also had a tendency to help improve cognitive function. This might especially help those who are undergoing weight loss or have a type of weight disorder.

A consistent, daily dose of the same delta 8 serving to get started with the day could be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Have you ever tried microdosing before? Have you ever tried delta 8? This may be your sign to take the dive into this new world of legal cannabis. 

2. Pump Up Productivity with Delta 8

Get this — delta 8 THC could help with your brain health, too. While limited, current research suggests that delta 8 could help increase the production of Acetylcholine. That’s a fancy term for a neurotransmitter in our brain. This neurotransmitter helps promote potency and improve brain resilience, memory, and cognition. 

So, what does all that mean? Basically, you could microdose on delta 8 and see an increase in productivity. It’s not guaranteed! Delta 8, again, affects everyone vastly differently. However, you could start a routine of delta 8 to see if it pumps up your productivity after enough time.

3. Incorporate Delta 8 Into Your Workout

If you’re considering microdosing on delta 8, one of the easiest ways to incorporate it into your day is to blend it into your workout routine. However, we do absolutely recommend you give our delta 8 products a try ahead of time. 

You’ll want to know how the substance affects you, how much it takes for you to feel a high, and more before you dive in. Of course, if you’re microdosing, you won’t want to take enough to get you high. It’s all about finding your balance. Your tolerance level to THC will also play a role in this.

There are certain types of workouts that can help enhance the microdosing experience. By contrast, there are also some exercises to avoid. If you plan on utilizing how to microdose on delta 8, you’ll want to avoid anywhere that requires you to be aware of your surroundings. Busy, public areas where you might find yourself running or cycling, for example, are things to stay away from for the time being.

Alternatively, yoga, indoor cycling or running on a treadmill, and other hyper-focused exercises are perfect for this. When you microdose on delta 8, you’ll want to be able to zone out into a task afterward. These hyper-focused exercises can let you zone out while you listen to some good jams and just focus on your workout. 

4. Delta 8 as a Post Workout Tool

After your workout, delta 8 is just as good! Delta 8 is often used to help relax the body and mind. As such, using it as part of your cooldown post-workout is a match made in heaven! 

In this phase, you don’t even technically have to microdose. Simply use as much delta 8 as you’re comfortable with using. There’s no recommended dosage during post-workout since it depends greatly on your preference, tolerance, and many other factors.

5. Level Up Your Creativity with Delta 8

Cannabis is long since known to help spark the more creative side of us. It’s widely accepted that musicians, writers, and countless types of artists use cannabis to help boost their artistic abilities. It’s not a far jump to see how delta 8, another form of THC in cannabis, could also help with this boost. One side effect some users report that they experience with delta 8 is a feeling of mental clarity.

Again, everyone is different, so this cannot be said as a guarantee. However, many users feel a sense of refreshment on delta 8. A consistent routine brings forth a surge of creativity. It doesn’t magically make you more creative, but it clears your mind to allow for more free-flowing, creative thoughts to come forward.

Wrapping Up: How to Microdose on Delta 8 THC

As you can see, there are quite a variety of ways to start microdosing. These are just some of the many ideas we could give you. In reality, there’s a virtually unlimited number of ways you can explore microdosing with delta 8. 

We hope we helped give you a better idea of how to microdose on delta 8. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use one or more of the ways we’ve suggested for you to be able to jumpstart your new microdosing routine.