Progress is a machine marching ever forward. As new funding comes into the market and people have become more relaxed about cannabis, new ventures into what can be made occur daily. One of the most desired aspects, delta-9 THC, is in a production renaissance. New strains are crossbred with strengths above and beyond anything previously grown, and new ways of harvesting the compound are coming to fruition. One of these new methods is hemp-derived delta-9.

What is Hemp-Derived Delta-9 THC?

Cannabis comes in two major varieties: marijuana and hemp. Marijuana is the infamous type known for characterizing the hippy movement and permeating pop culture as a popular drug of choice. 

It’s such a stead-fast staple due to the THC it produces. THC is a psychoactive compound that produces a strong high that sets in quickly while smoking. When grown in cannabis strains specifically catering to the THC cannabinoid, the effects are stronger than in previous generations by orders of magnitude. 

Hemp-derived delta-9, on the other hand, requires much more work to cultivate. The 2018 Farm bill allows for the industrial cultivation of hemp as a crop. However, that hinges on the fact that hemp is already naturally low in THC content.

The total amount of delta-9 THC permitted in hemp crops has to come in at or below .03% THC by dry weight volume. That means people hoping to grow THC-rich hemp strains with crossbreeding is strictly out of the question.

Delta-9 THC is naturally low in hemp plants, but that doesn’t mean it is unobtainable. To accumulate a usable amount of delta-9 THC from hemp, manufacturers isolate and distill the naturally occurring amount so that it can be concentrated.

So even though a lot of work goes into extracting a usable amount of delta-9 from hemp, it’s still the naturally occurring pure cannabinoid that’s already well-known, thanks to marijuana. 

Down below, let’s look at some of the potential health benefits someone might experience with hemp-derived delta-9.

11 Potential Health Benefits of Hemp-Derived Delta-9

Delta-9, whether from hemp or marijuana, holds a storm of potential. So far, hemp-derived delta-9 THC seems to be just as well tolerated and as safe as delta-9 found in marijuana. This makes sense since the THC itself is chemically the same, no matter its source.

We know plenty about delta-9 THC from marijuana, so today, we will cover hemp-based delta-9 and what you could expect from its products.

Various Types of Pain

Delta-9 THC activates cannabinoid receptors that impact our nerve cells. The signals are extremely potent and overpower many pain signals in a very short time after use. The potent signal strength coupled with the euphoric feelings also help the body relax, further granting relief to the user and providing a sense of comfort quickly.  

Anxiety and Depression

Thanks to the euphoric and relaxing effects of delta-9 THC, things like anxiety and depression can find possible relief when using the correct doses. Many users note that hemp-derived delta-9 helps alleviate some or all of the symptoms associated with anxiety and depression.

Insomnia and Trouble Sleeping

A side effect of using delta-9 you may already be familiar with is the nap time effect. Delta-9 THC sends similar signals to the brain that your body produces when it’s time to sleep. When using delta-9 THC responsibly, you can use it to optimize your sleep schedule.

Improved Focus and Creativity

Some hemp-derived delta-9 users report increased focus and creativity. That may be especially beneficial for those who work in creative fields or need to concentrate for long periods of time.


Delta-9 THC has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which could potentially help with conditions such as arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and other inflammatory disorders.

Better Skin Health

And, thanks to hemp’s anti-inflammatory properties, it may lead to better skin health overall. It may benefit certain health conditions, such as acne and psoriasis. 

Appetite Stimulation

Delta-9 THC may stimulate appetite, which can benefit those who struggle with conditions such as cachexia or wasting syndrome.

Neuroprotective Properties

Studies suggest that delta-9 THC may have neuroprotective properties that could potentially help with conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and traumatic brain injury.

Antioxidant Properties

Delta-9 THC has been shown to have antioxidant properties, which may help to protect the body against cellular damage caused by free radicals.

Improved Lung Function?!

While smoking anything is generally not recommended for lung health, a 2012 study found that delta-9 THC may actually improve lung function by increasing airflow and opening up the airways.

Cardiovascular Improvements

Delta-9 THC has been shown to improve cardiovascular function by reducing blood pressure and decreasing the risk of heart disease.

How Hemp-Derived Delta-9 THC Differs from Marijuana

Even though both marijuana and hemp look the same, it’s what’s inside that counts. Outside of the consumer market there is legal reasons that hemp and marijuana need to be clearly defined as two separate crops. 

Not to mention, knowing what you are buying and having a clear understanding of what goes into your products is always a good thing to know. 

Just as a quick refresher lesson. Let’s take a look at the most important aspects of what makes marijuana delta-9 different than hemp-derived delta-9 THC.

THC Content

The most definitive difference between marijuana and hemp is the amount of THC that grows naturally within it.  Marijuana has naturally occurring THC that usually ranges between 15-40 percent by dry weight. Some designer strains have achieved numbers as high as 80-90 percent!

Hemp, on the other hand, is not allowed to have anything above 0.3% by dry weight. The lack of THC is defining feature of hemp. By law, a strain containing more than 0.3% THC is not hemp. That doesn’t mean that delta-9 THC cannot be farmed in usable quantities from hemp, however. It just means more work is necessary to make it viable. 

 Legal Status

Currently, 42 states allow the sale of hemp-based delta-9 THC. This is liable to change as new laws and regulations are implemented around delta-9 THC regardless of its source. The 2018 Farm Bill gave the ability for manufacturers to produce hemp-derived THC, but that’s subject to change at a state level.

Some states are still classifying hemp-derived delta-9 THC as banned. That could grow in the future depending on how the next farm bill is outlined. 

It’s always best to practice caution before introducing cannabis products into your home by checking the local laws for where you live.  

4 Ways to Consume Hemp-Derived Delta-9

There’s more than one way to experience the power of hemp-derived delta-9 THC. Let’s take a look at some of the products available!


The classic, tried-and-true method of consuming THC: flower! With our smokable hemp flower, you can enjoy an abundant array of cannabinoids – not just CBD or THC. 

Each strain is also chockful of terpenes, so you get an aromatically pleasant experience every time. The combination of hemp compounds, together, makes for a powerful entourage effect.

Edibles (& Beverages)

Another classic in the cannabis world are edibles. From brownies to butter, there’s been an abundant array of cannabis edibles made throughout the years. We even have unique products ourselves, like our 50mg delta-9 snickerdoodle cookies or our 30mg delta-9 caramels.

Something even further outside the box, though, are our cannabis beverages. Taking hemp to a whole new level, we offer a 20mg delta-9 live resin Maui Wowie seltzer that our customers keep coming back for. It’s a perfect plant-based option for those that want to venture into the beverage world of cannabis edibles.


There are a surprising plethora of benefits when you incorporate hemp into skincare. So, it makes sense that cannabis topicals would make it onto our list. We even have some specialty cannabis topicals, like our fresh ink tattoo salve. As topicals and other hemp products continue to grow in popularity, we’re just happy to see more people benefit from the plant.


Last but not least, oils are a fun way to experience effects faster than other ingestibles. That’s because instead of immediately swallowing, the recommendation is that you place the drops of oil under your tongue. Called sublingual dosing, it allows the oil contents to hit your bloodstream directly instead of passing through the liver first. 

Potential Drawbacks and Precautions of Hemp-Derived Delta-9

It’s important to note that more research is needed to fully understand the potential health benefits of hemp-derived delta-9 THC and that individual experiences may vary. As with any substance, it’s important to use it responsibly and under the guidance of a healthcare professional if necessary.

Possible Side Effects

As with all things, there are bound to be potential side effects. Everyone is different, so it’s unlikely you’ll experience all of these side effects. However, some symptoms can occur. The ones you are most likely to experience include:

  • Paranoia

  • Confusion

  • Dry Mouth

  • Sedative Effects

  • Hypotension (low blood pressure)

Interactions with Other Medications

Even though THC itself is a naturally occurring substance, that doesn’t mean it plays well with everything. There is always a risk that hemp-derived delta-9 THC could interact with a medication you are already prescribed.

The same way some medication can have ill side effects with certain foods, such as grapefruit, THC can also interact in unpredictable or unexpected ways.  

When it comes to using delta-9 THC, make sure to speak to your doctor about possible side effects you could experience. 

Legal Considerations

Something to always keep in mind is that not all states treat hemp-derived delta-9 THC equally. Even though hemp has found itself under the protection of the 2018 Farm Bill, that doesn’t guarantee that all states want to have THC openly available, regardless of the source. 

Anyone purchasing hemp-derived delta-9 should check their local laws to ensure that they won’t be dancing with legal issues. 

Wrapping Up: Hemp-Derived Delta-9

To recap, there’s a lot to love about hemp-derived delta-9 THC. For starters, it has a massive range of potential benefits. There’s so much future potential for hemp-derived delta-9 research! 

Plus, our hemp-derived delta-9 edibles are tasty treats you’ll love. Legal and delicious, experience delta-9 through hemp with our delta-9 THC products.