Our delta-8 products are derived from hemp. So, when it comes to myths about hemp, the two go hand in hand. With thousands of uses already, there’s no limit to what hemp can do for us. That includes the delta-8 THC within the plant, but it’s not limited to it by any means.

Hemp seeds, for example, are a hyper-nutritious superfood that can be used in snacks or meals. (Just be sure to add hemp seeds or hemp seed oil after cooking!)

Using hemp’s fibers, the plant can be transformed into building material, clothing, furniture, rope — its capabilities are unmatched.

Even delta-8 THC or CBD alone has a plethora of health properties and potential benefits. Derivatives of hemp, there’s a lot of promise in the plant. 

With so much promise, though, hemp is still prohibited or banned in much of the world. Even in some states, laws have banned the production or sale of hemp and hemp products. 

A lot of these prohibitions were implemented due to the misinformation surrounding the plant. Now, myths about hemp are being dispelled as cannabis finally begins to gain traction.myths & facts

6 Myths About Hemp Debunked (& the Delta-8 Facts to Go with Them)

Misinformation is no one’s friend. In honor of the hemp that delta-8 comes from, we want to shed some light on the plant and the cannabinoid. Today, we’ll debunk some common myths about hemp, as well as deliver you some delta-8 facts you might not have known.

1. Hemp Gets You High

We’ll start with a classic. Industrial hemp is legally defined as any cannabis strain that contains no more than 0.3% delta-9 THC. At such an insignificant quantity, you can’t hope to experience the psychoactive effects from delta-9 with hemp.

However, hemp flower may not be working on its own. Our delta-8 flower, for example, is hemp that’s been infused with our delta-8 distillate.

Truth: Hemp Doesn’t Get You High — But Delta-8 Can

There’s exactly where our delta-8 flower comes in, actually. Hemp can’t get you high, but delta-8 THC might. It’s less potent than the THC in marijuana, so it’s not as intense of a high. Many delta-8 users might feel euphoria, as well as an energized lightness. 

The effects are different for everyone. You’ll need to try our delta-8 flower for yourself to discover what it can do for you.

2. Hemp (and Delta-8 THC) are Illegalhemp is federally legal

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, industrial hemp was officially separated from marijuana. They’re not properly defined as two different types of cannabis. Hemp is any strain that contains 0.3% delta-9 THC or less. Marijuana is essentially every other strain outside of those parameters.

Reality: They’re Both Federally Legal (May Be Illegal in Some States Though)

That means on a federal level, both hemp and all its derivatives are legal. Since delta-8 THC is a derivative of hemp, that makes it perfectly legal, too. However, some states have already locked down on either hemp, delta-8, or both. Make sure to check your local and state laws for whether you can legally use a hemp or delta-8 product.

3. All Male Cannabis Plants are Hemp, and All Females are Marijuana

This used to be one of the most common myths about hemp. In reality, marijuana can be both male and female, and so can hemp. They’re both cannabis plants, even though their cannabinoid content varies. 

Fact: Hemp is Any Cannabis that Contains No More than 0.3% Delta-9 THC

The difference between marijuana and hemp is in the delta-9 THC concentration. Hemp is typically the plant abundant in CBD. Meanwhile, marijuana is typically abundant in delta-9 THC. Once it reaches above 0.3% delta-9 THC, the plant is defined as marijuana and not hemp.

4. People Smoke Hemp Recreationally

do people smoke itMore than just a plant that’s smoked, there’s a reason hemp is still consumed. It’s not getting users high, but it is promoting wellbeing. Cannabinoid-rich cannabis products may provide a number of benefits, according to current research. From fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression to anti-inflammation, countless users incorporate hemp-derived products into their daily routine.

Truth: People Smoke Delta-8 Hemp Flower Recreationally

The trend picked up speed with CBD products, like CBD oils and edibles. Since then, though, delta 8 products have also made a name for themselves. Delta-8 offers appetite stimulation, euphoria, energy, and a clear head even though you’re stoned. 

Many find they can enjoy being lightly intoxicated by this form of THC. For some, this can be night and day compared to the anxiety-ridden panic that the high from marijuana causes. Like we always say: everyone is different. It’s why we’re so glad we can offer delta-8 options that accommodate all walks of life.

5. CBD and Hemp are the Same Thing

This is one we get a lot since we sell both delta-8 and CBD products. In reality, CBD and delta-8 both just come from hemp. 

Fact: CBD and Delta-8 are Both Cannabinoids Within Hemp

We extract the cannabinoids from the plant so we can use them in other products. The difference might not be important for everyone. But since there’s quite a difference between CBD products and hemp-derived delta-8 products, we wanted to clarify.

hemp oil and hemp seed oil are differentMyths About Hemp: 6. Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp Oil are the Same Thing

The term “hemp oil” is often synonymous with many types of sub-types of hemp oil. For example, hemp seed oil may be referred to as just hemp oil, but so might a CBD tincture. There’s quite a difference between a CBD tincture and a hemp seed extract, though.

Reality: Hemp Oil Can Be Synonymous with Many Types

So, even though the product might be referred to as hemp oil, discover what type of hemp oil it is. This is the only way you’ll know what effects to expect.

On another note, hemp seeds are considered a superfood. It doesn’t hurt to incorporate multiple types of hemp oil into your everyday routine — hemp seeds included! 

Did You Know?

While we’re on the topic of hemp, it’s time to brag about one of its brighter moments in history. A hub of nutritious life, the plant can enrich the soil it’s grown in. Some crops can sap the energy around them, so this life-giving ability is something to harness and utilize.

Hemp is what scientists used to clean the soil in the aftermath of the Chernobyl Disaster. The world’s worst nuclear disaster — cleansed thanks to a plant still banned in whole areas of the world. Technically it was cleaned by hemp and phytoremediation technology. But we were able to create that technology in the first place thanks to cannabis. It just keeps on giving.

We know we’re looking at a brighter future thanks to hemp. It’s just a matter of time before the world truly starts harnessing all the power the plant has.

Final Thoughts on Debunking Myths About Hemp

It’s almost painful to see all the myths about hemp over the decades. Once distinguished from marijuana, it’s been in the shadows ever since. Now, it’s finally being brought to the surface again. Shining in its own spotlight, we’re excited to find out what else hemp can do for the planet. 

Beyond that, we’re also eager to discover more uses of delta-8. The perfect solution for some consumers, delta-8 products give back almost as much as the plant it comes from does. We hope this guide helped shine some light on a product that’s still gaining social acceptance. It’s exciting to think about where we’ll be just a few years from now.

Take your time and learn your favorite combination of hemp products. You might eventually decide that you prefer CBD or delta-8 edibles, or flower that’s rich in both. 

Maybe you enjoy full-spectrum CBD+delta-8 THC oil, or another type of tincture

Or, you could prefer softgel capsules instead, since they’re so easy to get over and done with. 

Whatever you decide, we hope this guide makes it even easier. The power of hemp is strong, and could be yours to harness in any number of hemp-derived products!