What Makes Our CBD Flower Unique?

When it comes to cannabis, there are hundreds, even thousands of different strains, all geared to make you feel something slightly different. Whether it’s marijuana or hemp, cannabis, in general, can provide a variety of mental and physical relief for some people. With all the variety, you may be wondering: what makes our CBD flower so unique?

Our CBD hemp flower, for example, has higher quantities of cannabidiol than most other strains. They’re intended to help you feel the impact of the CBD even more. Even still, they have their differences. Where one might be an Indica-dominant that helps people feel more relaxed, another might be more Sativa-based and stimulate focused energy.

We want to give you some insight into the differences between some of our most popular CBD flower strains. Not only do we hope to help you narrow in on which one is your favorite, but it’ll also simply give you an idea of what each strain is intended for.

What Makes Awesome Blossom Awesome

As the name might imply, Awesome Blossom offers its users an aromatic, flowery scent, with subtle hints of berry underneath. While the scent is often referred to as the strain’s best feature, its appearance and effects aren’t lacking, either. In fact, Awesome Blossom has gorgeously prominent cool purples and warm oranges all across – a potent color pattern that stays fresh in your mind. 

What really makes the strain stand out is its cannabinoid content level, however. It has both a higher CBD percentage and a cannabinoid percentage. This helps to intensify the entourage effect one might experience from the combination of different hemp compounds. Cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds in the plant work in synergy together to improve the effects overall.

Stray Kat’s Where it’s At

A gentle hybrid, Stray Kat catches attention by allowing its users to feel happy and relaxed. While it’s a hybrid, most users report feeling an uplifting mental effect with a wave of body calm. With a heavy CBD content level, it helps to relieve inflammation and certain types of pain in some users. 

Even though it relaxes, it’s a true hybrid, as it also provides ample energy for the occasions you need it. Depending on what time of day people smoke up Stray Kat helps determine how it’s going to affect them. That means it works as both a daytime and evening strain, adding to its versatility.


Why to Blaze Hawaiian Haze

A sharp Sativa, Hawaiian Haze is uplifting and calming all at once. The name was inspired by its aroma, which takes you to a tropical world of pineapple and citrus, finishing off with subtle floral notes. Though it’s a Sativa ideal for daytime use, people also often use it to help calm them. 

While everyone is different, users report their anxiety reduced when they enjoy Hawaiian Haze. Through social engagements, important tasks, and productivity in general, this has become a go-to strain for many.


Cherry Wine is Quite Sublime

On the other side of the spectrum from Hawaiian Haze comes Cherry Wine, an Indica-dominant strain that even provides some minor intoxicating effects. While mild, users also notice a relaxing body buzz, so it’s perfect for relaxing as you wind down for the night.

As the name might suggest, the strain has hints of sweet cherry and bitter red wine, combined with delicious notes of pepper. With orange pistils throughout, it’s a gorgeous variety that’s a big favorite for even some of the Ounce of Hope team.


Why You Gotta Try Oregon Guava

Another Indica-dominant, Oregon Guava leans more towards a hybrid strain, so it exhibits a little bit of the effects from both types. Users can expect a mellow, relaxing experience that helps to ease anxiety while still providing a clear head. It’s a functional high, which means it’s useful for any time of the day.


Prepare for Trouble and Make it Double Bubble

To protect the world from devastation, to unite all smokers within our nation, we bring you the powerful hybrid strain Double Bubble. This fierce variety was bred from Bubblegum and OG Kush, so it has a very famous lineage. 

Its deep, broad green leaves and density helps to give visual cues of her OG Kush parent. An interesting flavor, Double Bubble offers a combination of sweet candy and citrus with an overall earthy flavor profile.

There’s Always More to Offer

These aren’t the only legendary strains we have to offer. On the contrary, check out other popular CBD flower strains we have, like Blue Orchid, a Sativa-dominant hybrid that offers euphoria. Or maybe you want a particularly lively Sativa, like the Super Sour Space Candy.

If you’re looking for something with a higher terpene level than most strains, Lifter offers something unique. Electra is also well-known for its high terpene level, bred from ACDC and ERB as an intense hybrid. Meanwhile, Canna Tsu may help your creativity blossom, so you can finally get past that writer’s block.

Maybe you’re looking for something with other cannabinoids besides CBD. While our CBD flower does have a medley of other minor cannabinoids, our White CBG stands out when we want something different. 

An artistically beautiful strain to look at, White CBG is coated with frosty white crystals all across its exterior. Best-known for its uplifting effects, it brings a typically more minor cannabinoid front and center so you can reap the benefits from everything the hemp plant has to offer.

Wrapping it Up: What Makes Our CBD Flower Unique

We hope we were able to help better explain the differences between our CBD flower and other cannabis strains. When you shop with Ounce of Hope, you’re getting truly unique products. We’ve put in the work to make every strain of ours shine in different ways, so we hope you can find your favorite amongst our line.

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