Cannabinoids have been getting more love lately, mostly thanks to delta 8 and CBD. Others, like CBG and CBN, are also rising in popularity. The former two, though, continue to make massive waves in a ton of communities. Today, we want to show you something special. We want to show you what happens when you mix delta 8 and CBD together. 

Does it just make both products better? Can you get higher with delta 8 if you add CBD? Is it even safe? We’ve got you covered in this in-depth guide. Let’s dive into what happens when you mix delta 8 and CBD.

Is it Safe to Mix Delta 8 and CBD?

First, and most importantly, when you look at what happens when you mix delta 8 and CBD. Is it safe? Fortunately, yes. You can feel rest assured that mixing cannabinoids is safe. As it stands, THC and CBD have both been shown to have a variety of benefits for us humans. In fact, CBD may go so far as to help other mammals, too. That’s why we offer CBD for pets, and why CBD products are becoming so popular in the pet industry.

So, yes, it’s perfectly safe to mix delta 8 and CBD. In fact, you might enjoy the experience. We’re going to check out exactly what happens when you mix delta 8 and CBD together. 

Let’s Look at What Happens When You Mix Delta 8 and CBD

Now that we know it’s for sure safe for you to mix, let’s look at how it makes you feel. What can mixing CBD and delta 8 THC together do for you? Well, you’re looking at a potentially much more intense high, for starters. In fact, many consider it a match made in heaven as far as cannabinoids go.

Secondly, you can expect the benefits of delta 8 and the benefits from CBD to be far more noticeable. CBD helps ramp up delta 8’s effects on the body and mind, and vice versa for delta 8’s influence with CBD. 

To give you a better idea of just what kind of benefits we’re talking about, we can look at a study from 2010. While it was on the delta 9 THC variant, the similarities between delta 8 and delta 9 make it acceptable to compare. It was a study on pain. Some patients were given a pure THC extract for the pain, while others were given a CBD and THC combination. The users that were given the CBD and THC combination reported less pain, overall. We can infer that delta 8 THC and CBD together will help intensify the benefits you get from both.

But why does that happen when you mix delta 8 and CBD together? That leads us to the entourage effect.

The Entourage Effect

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam studied the cannabis plant for over 50 years by the time 1998 rolled around. That year, he coined the term the “entourage effect.” With the term, Dr. Mechoulam proposed that all the compounds from a cannabis plant have a role to play in the plant’s overall medical effects. They work in synergy together to make each small part of the plant that much better.

So, the entourage effect is what allows CBD and delta 8 to work so much more powerfully together. In fact, the doctor also discovered that fatty acids within cannabis plants help certain cannabinoids bind to the body’s cannabinoid receptors better. In other words, cannabis strains naturally have compounds in them to help THC, CBD, and other compounds bind that much better to our bodies. We have a built-in system that allows us to enjoy cannabis to its full extent.

What’s the Best Way to Combine Delta 8 and CBD?

When you’re looking through all the ways you can combine delta 8 and CBD, you may become overwhelmed. The options available on the market are virtually limitless. Fortunately, we can show you why our products go above the quality of others. We can also demonstrate what sets us apart from other delta 8 and CBD brands on the market.

First of all, we use aquaponics for our products. That means no solvents, no pesticides, and no contaminants — only solid, quality cannabis plants. We rosin press our cannabis plants from there to get the pure extracts our shoppers know and love. 

Both of these methods aren’t the mainstream, because they require more effort, time, and sometimes cost — but we know the difference they offer. We are determined to stand out as a high-quality hemp brand. To do that, we consistently provide delta 8 and CBD products that are lab-tested to prove the quality behind them. 

6 Tips for Taking Delta 8 and CBD Together

1. Timing is Everything

When you take your servings of delta 8 and CBD, it plays a role in how the other is going to affect you. For example, if you take them both at the same time, and they’re the same type of product, they’ll likely peak around the same time. 

Alternatively, if you take a CBD edible in the morning, then follow up with puffs off your delta 8 vape cartridge in the afternoon, you may have a more unique kind of experience. The CBD helps calm you throughout the day, while the delta 8 recharges you and revitalizes your energy in the middle of it all. 

Just know, the timing is different for everyone. Play around with when you take each type of CBD and delta 8 product to see how they help each other. 

This will take some experimenting over the course of a few weeks or even a few months. However, most users will agree it’s certainly worth it. Having the knowledge for what works when with your CBD and delta 8 regimens is a powerful skill to obtain.

2. Make Sure Both Products are High Quality

This may go without saying for some people. You’ll want to pay attention to the quality involved with each product. Where are you getting your CBD from? Is it the same place you’ll be getting your delta 8? Does that brand get their CBD and delta 8 from another company? Are they tested in a lab before they’re sent your way to use? How much does the brand care about the ingredients in each product?

These are questions we make a point to answer across our platform. We never want you to feel in the dark as a consumer. Always ensure that the brand you’re purchasing from is able to answer these questions confidently and to your standards.

3. Double Check that the Delivery Methods Mesh

If you combine an edible with a vape cartridge, you’re going to feel one way faster than you feel the other. Make sure that the delivery methods you’re using for each product mesh together. Each delivery method absorbs at its own pace. There may be a product that peaks after 90 minutes, like an edible, compared to something that peaks in just minutes, like a vape.

Make sure you’re considering the delivery method for each product. There’s more than one way to mix delta 8 and CBD together. Ideally, you want them to peak in your system around the same time. Pay attention to the CBD and delta 8 products you’re looking at. 

Make sure their delivery methods will work at the same time. If they don’t, you can learn when to take the product that takes longer first and when to take the second product.

4. Consider the Strength of Each Product

The milligram strength of your delta 8 and CBD products certainly matter. While neither product is considered toxic or fatal to humans, higher doses may still trigger unwanted experiences. Getting too high or too calm isn’t what’s intended with the hemp-based products, after all.

Check how much you’ll take of each. If you’re new to CBD and/or delta 8, start with a smaller serving and work your way up.

5. Know Why You’re Taking Both

What makes you interested in taking both CBD and delta 8? Do you have something specific you’re trying to find relief from? Are you using it as a preventative health measure because you’ve heard of all the benefits? Do you want to get higher without wasting product?

No matter the reason, they’re all valid. Just keep in mind why you want to take both CBD and delta 8. Knowing the why can help you build a regimen around your needs and personal goals with the cannabinoids.

6. Pay Attention to Other Products, Too

Finally, you may not just take delta 8 and CBD. Caffeine, alcohol, and other substances are all stimulants to the body of some kind. Understand how your hemp products interact with each of these substances before you dive into a full routine with them.

Fortunately, caffeine appears to have synergistic properties when paired when cannabinoids. Its energizing effects may last for a longer timeframe. As a bonus, the CBD and delta 8 help take the edge off. This might be especially helpful for those who enjoy caffeine in the morning, but it gives them anxiety or a faster heart rate.

Likewise, some people enjoy what THC and alcohol together do. Others, meanwhile, don’t care to combine the two. Find what’s comfortable for you. Most importantly, pay attention to what you consume throughout the day so you can observe any interactions the substances could have. 

What Happens When You Mix Delta 8 and CBD – Wrapping Up

In this guide, we went over what happens when you mix delta 8 and CBD. Researchers are still learning about the entourage effect, but what we know shows a lot of promise. When you mix delta 8 and CBD together, you get the best of both worlds. The cannabinoids work in synergy together to truly give you a wonderful experience. Try out our delta 8 and CBD products today to find the combination that fits right for your lifestyle.