Delta 8 made a lot of waves last year, and it continues to spark notice among new users and long-time smokers alike. One of the fastest-growing cannabinoids on the market, it’s neck and neck with CBD for the title of most popular. Maybe you’re a first-time smoker looking for relief. Or, maybe you’re a frequent cannabis user trying to make the switch for whatever reason. Regardless of what draws you here, we want to show you how to get the most out of delta 8 when you’re outdoors this summer. We want to show you how to maximize your summer days with delta 8 — and boost your delta 8 experience, overall.

How to Get the Most Out of Delta 8 Outdoors – 3 Steps

1. Find the Right Delta 8 Product

The first step in our guide on how to get the most out of delta 8 outdoors is to find the right delta 8 product for your adventure. Our delta 8 moon rocks are going to put you in a different space than our delta 8 edibles, for example. Typically, if you’re going to enjoy a high outdoors, we would recommend either our delta 8 gummies or one of our vape cartridges.

Among our cartridges is where you get flavor variety. We’re releasing new flavors as frequently as possible, and in the meantime already have four to show off. Lemon Runtz is a hybrid, loved for its familiar aroma that smells just like the famous candy. From lime green to rich purple, the resin-drenched buds range in a variety of colors to add to its visual flavor.

A name you may be familiar with is our Watermelon Sugar delta 8 cart. It combines the skunky aroma of cannabis with the sweet, subtle bite of watermelon for a truly unique flavor composition. Then, there’s Zkittles, which is a perfect cross between grapefruit and grape. You get a tropical, fruity flavor with it. Finally, Trainwreck finishes up our line (for now). Not much can be said for the last name — it kind of speaks for itself. Get ready for a fun time with it at 80% to 88% delta 8 THC per cartridge.

2. Start Small and Work Your Way Up

Of course, it’s important to start off in low doses — especially if you’re not already familiar with delta 8. This advice applies to most other intoxicants, too. Delta 8 affects everyone differently, so make sure to pace yourself. 

From personal experience, if you’re eating delta 8 edibles, be sure that you’ve given it enough time before you dig into another serving. If you’re completely new to delta 8, start with half our recommended serving. Wait at least 90 minutes between each serving. Work your way up from there. 

3. Combine Delta 8 Products for a More Intense Experience

Summer is here and you’re trying to find out how to get the most out of delta 8 when you’re outdoors. You work your way up and find out what serving of delta 8 works best for you to be high and vibe. Now, it’s time to bump it up a notch. For a more intense ride when you’re outside this summer, combine some of your delta 8 goodies. Take a gummy and puff on your cartridge. The world is your oyster.

9 Activities to Get the Most with Delta 8 Outdoors

Now, you’ve got your delta 8 products in hand, and you’re ready to take on the great outdoors. Let’s look through some of the activities you can use to get the most out of delta 8 when you’re outdoors this summer. 

1. Listen to Music

Music and cannabis have a long history of knowing each other. Countless artists, musical and otherwise, throughout history have gotten some sort of inspiration from the plant. Now, you can do the same with delta 8. Take a stroll through the outdoors while you puff on your cartridge or eat a gummy and jam to your favorite music. Maybe use this as an opportunity to create a new playlist for you to vibe to. 

2. Take a Sun Nap

Proceed with caution with this one — you may get burned! Taking a nap in the sun has a variety of health benefits. Plus, it’s easy to doze off when you’re enjoying the effects of delta 8. Take a nice sun nap when you’re outdoors to help maximize your delta 8 experience. 

3. Get Lost in a Book

Are you an avid book reader? It’s never too soon to start. Find somewhere outside to sit and enjoy the sun while you get lost in a book. The hours can fly away when you’re reading and stoned on delta 8. 

4. Actually Get Lost – and then Explore

Not one for getting lost in stories? That’s okay, you can get lost in your own story. No, literally — try to find somewhere new and intentionally get lost. Explore your new surroundings with your handy delta 8 vape in hand and let the hours roll by. Keep your cell phone on you, though. When you’re ready to leave, it’s good to have something you can GPS home with. 

5. Plant a Garden

This one’s a little more time-consuming, but it’s still a great way to spend the season. Start your garden! If this resonates with you, you’ve probably been thinking about planting a garden for some time. Take this as a sign that this summer is the summer you finally dive in. Take a gummy or two, keep your vape cartridge close, and dig into the world of gardening. 

6. Have a Picnic

Let the munchies work for you and take yourself out on a nice picnic this summer. Delta 8 works well to help stimulate appetite in many users. You can use that to your advantage by setting yourself up for a nice picnic a few hours later in the day. Get to a park, somewhere scenic, or anywhere ideal for a picnic and set up camp.

7. Go Camping

Speaking of setting up camp, you can stock up on your delta 8 supply and make it a longer trip away from the house. Go camping! The great outdoors are at your fingertips. If you’re in an area that’s wooded or have the ability to get to a wooded area, typically you can find excellent camping grounds. There may even be specified camping grounds in your neck of the woods!

8. Bask in the Outdoors

Even if you’re not into the idea of camping, you can still take some time to enjoy the nature outside. Take a few moments to just bask in the glory of the outdoors. Not such an outdoors person? We get it. You can go inside and wash up when you’re done. However, there is plenty of reason to try to spend some time outside each day. In fact, there are proven health benefits to outside exposure.

Puff hard on your delta 8 cartridge or some gummies before you head out to really enjoy yourself. If you’re especially not an outdoors person, delta 8 may be the hidden gem you’ve been looking for.

9. Workout

This one might seem self-explanatory to some. Get your sweat on in the summer heat with a workout! You don’t have to go extreme if you don’t want to. Your delta 8 high should help push you to greater heights than you’re used to, though. Enjoy delta 8 as part of your pre-workout and post-workout to really get the most of it.

3 Top Ways to Workout Outdoors this Summer

1. Go for a Walk

Simple, but a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Go for a stroll through a new nature trail. Find a path you’ve never been on or a park you’ve never been to. Cardio is great for the heart. Walking is a perfect way to get into your outdoor workout for the summer!

2. Bike Around Your Neighborhood

If walking isn’t quite extreme enough, you can go for a bike ride instead. It doesn’t necessarily have to be around your neighborhood, either. That was just a suggestion. In reality, you can take your delta 8 and your bike anywhere you want. 

3. Yoga

Finally, yoga is the perfect workout to get into while you’re enjoying delta 8. When you’re high, you may be able to focus more. The combination of getting high on delta 8 and doing yoga could also help promote your mental wellbeing. High effects from delta 8 and the relaxation from yoga is a powerful combo, after all. 

How to Get the Most with Delta 8 Outdoors this Summer – Wrapping Up

As you can see, there’s a lot to offer when it comes to the great outdoors and delta 8. Now that you know how to get the most with delta 8 when you’re outdoors, hopefully, this summer will be all the more enjoyable. 

Thanks for checking out our guide. We’re so glad to see so many people love delta 8 as we do. Try out delta 8 today to see if it’s the perfect addition to your summer fun.