Edibles have become a mainstay in the cannabis world, and they only grow in popularity over the years. As legal cannabis makes its debut in more states in the USA than ever before, the demand for delicious, legal hemp-based products is surging more than ever. 

What caused the change, though? Are people finally just realizing the benefits edibles have to offer? Let’s take a look at the reason CBD and delta-8 edibles are sweeping across the nation at such a popular rate.


Why Edibles?

Sure, smoking is simple — take a few puffs, feel the effects you’re looking for, and set your smoking instrument down for later. Eating something to feels its effects is a completely different ballgame, but one that people are switching to regardless. Eating forms of cannabis are fast-becoming a trend here to stay.

But the question remains: why? Why do people want to use edibles? While smoking weed isn’t considered dangerous, it can do a number on the lungs. It depends on the harshness of the strain and what you’re using to smoke out of. When it comes to edibles, they’re an easy way to mask the earthy, weedy taste that cannabis carries while still getting toasted.

For CBD edibles, one might wonder: those don’t even get you high, so what’s the point? The point is all the other properties CBD exhibits. Since it interacts with the cannabinoid receptors inside our bodies, CBD appears to help with inflammation, certain types of pain, anxiety, depression, and so much more. 

Those who take CBD edibles use them for a simpler, convenient way to get their daily regimen of cannabidiol. The goal is to incorporate it into your daily routine so that you can progressively feel more of a positive impact from the CBD as time goes on.


What Are Edibles?

In fact, some records indicate that we’ve been consuming marijuana in food all the way back in 1000 BCE. As an edible, cannabis has been used for centuries in ancient China and India to treat various conditions. It was only introduced to the Western side of the world in the 19th century, so it makes sense that we don’t know as much.

Since the 1960s, though, edibles have been seeing a climb in popularity in the United States. Today, they’re more popular than ever. 

Edibles are recipes, foods, or drinks that are made with some sort of cannabis or cannabis extract. Whether it’s raw cannabis with a high THC level, hemp, CBD, or some other compound, they’ve all become popular to cook with. 

The term “cannabis edibles” is used to describe any ingestible cannabis product that doesn’t need to be smoked or consumed as a vapor.


Types of Edibles

There are hundreds upon hundreds of different types of cannabis edibles; from recipes to beverages, to full-course meals, to everything in between. The most common you may familiar with is the classic “pot brownies” stoners know and love. A trope for media nowadays, they’re an easy way to get introduced to marijuana edibles.

The options don’t stop there, though. In the world of cannabis and hemp, there are CBD tinctures in different flavors, as well as combo tinctures, like our CBD + delta-8 combo

For those that like to experience the “high” side of life, but want to avoid delta-9 THC, since it’s still illegal, delta-8 THC comes in clutch. Our delta-8 dark chocolate bars, delta-8 gummies, and delta-8 brownie bites give you choices to find what fits your needs best.

Even our CBD brownies are a sweet treat that you’ll assuredly want more of.

If you’re not familiar with edibles or want a mix to get started finding what edible you like the most, our CBD starter bundle might be more up your alley. It comes with a bottle of melatonin + CBD softgel capsules that are meant to be used at night, as well as a bottle of 500mg full-spectrum CBD oil and 3 grams of CBD hemp flower. Two edibles and flower to try out a smoke is the perfect way to help you start your routine.


Wrapping Up

If you’re not one to smoke cannabis, trying out edibles maybe your best go-to option. While they may take longer to take effect than smoking or vaping might, the effects generally last longer. 

They’re a perfect way to get an enjoyable treat and the countless benefits that come from pot all in one product. A popular choice for pain relief, inflammation, and just those that don’t want to smoke, try out any of our edibles today to see the true differences between the two!