Nowadays, the concept of edibles has infused itself in pop culture. It’s used in movies, music, and art to show a different way of enjoying cannabis outside of merely smoking it. 

What might come as a surprise is that edibles have been around for a long time. Some of the first examples of cannabis-based edibles originate in India as far back as 1000 BCE. These examples include Majoun, fried cannabis in a pan to decarb it before adding it to the food. 

Over time, the edible cannabis market of old dwindled. It became a taboo and eventually an outlawed substance across most of the world. Since then, cannabis has seen a resurgence. With it, more states and countries legalize weed and cannabis use than ever before.

And now, many brands bring legal edibles to the market once again. These are cannabis-based, hemp-derived, delicious treats that deserve attention. That’s why we created this comprehensive beginner’s guide to legal edibles. Keep reading to learn about it all!

What are Legal Edibles?delta-9-milk-chocolate-bar

Like any subject, you can’t understand the advanced aspects until you grasp the basics. While edibles may be familiar to some people, others may still be completely new to the idea. Plus, ensuring everyone is on the same page doesn’t hurt. 

So, let’s start with the basics. What is an edible? An edible is a consumable good that contains at least one hemp compound, like THC. For example, some CBD edibles contain zero THC, but they’re still considered edibles. Think of brownies, cookies, candy, or gummies as the most common types of edibles.

The Legality Behind (Our) Legal Edibles

It’s a “legal” edible if the product complies with legal regulations under federal jurisdiction.

We infuse a legal amount of THC into these edible products to make the THC easier to digest and feel. Some people use edibles as an alternative to smoking. Meanwhile, others enjoy it as a tasty option to feel their desired effects.

Edibles offer an experience different from traditional flower smoking. While smoking provides a rush and near-instant effects that may overwhelm some users. Edibles help to circumvent the issue by offering a slower, less anxiety-inducing experience.

However, edibles aren’t immune to causing some negative reactions. Fortunately, those reactions are always temporary and typically mild. We recommend our customers start low and gradually increase as necessary. It’ll ensure you don’t go overboard!

Fortunately, edibles come in many strengths, flavors, and textures. It gives both seasoned veterans and newcomers a long list of tasty options.

Why Do People Choose Legal Edibles?

Now we have a brief overview of what edibles are. It’s time to dive into why people may choose them over other cannabis consumption methods.

First, smoking is, of course, the more traditional method of consuming pot. That doesn’t mean it’s the only way to enjoy it, though! Many users find smoking too harsh on the lungs. The effects can also be overwhelming using this method since they’re often immediate and intense.

Edibles appear in a larger market for many reasons, and the ease of use is certainly high on the list. 

Since there are endless edible options, it’s not hard for someone to find a version that suits them. Things like flavor and texture are big selling points, and dispensaries are noting them. 

Let’s highlight some of the most notable benefits of edibles to understand why they’re becoming so popular.


The nation is normalizing cannabis, but not everyone is okay with flaunting that fact. Even medicinal cannabis users may prefer to keep quiet about their specific routine for personal reasons.

Edibles offer a discreet option for those who don’t like drawing attention to themselves. 

Most edibles are either single servings (like baked goods such as brownies) or small packs (gummies and other candies). It’s easy to keep them put up or to enjoy them in peace without making it obvious.

And, as edible science improves, that signature scent you’re used to from cannabis is becoming less of an issue. With each new product, we can mask the smell better and easier. Some versions of edibles barely even have a flavor or scent that gives away the THC inside. 


Life is fast, and now more than ever, being busy is more common than not. Even for people who are fond of smoking, the process can still take up more time than someone has.

Grinding, packing, and even cleaning glass pieces may be more than someone can handle. That goes especially if their schedule is already packed! The maintenance needed for pieces adds up on the clock. Even if you prefer rolled options, there are still multiple steps you have to take to make that happen. 

Convenience isn’t just about time either — it can be about availability. Fewer spaces are smoker friendly, regardless of the smoke than ever before. Just finding a place to enjoy your cannabis has become more of a hassle. 

Edibles circumvent many of these issues by their very design. 

Most edibles take about as much work as an average prepackaged snack, with just as much upkeep. 

For multipacks that reseal, it’s as simple as eating your preferred amount and putting the rest up like any other treat. For single servings, it’s no different than a candy bar. It’s a prompt way to consume your desired dose!


It might not be their favorite choice even for people with the time and space to smoke. Not everyone can experience smoking cannabis in a positive light, which can happen for many reasons. Some people may not enjoy the harsh burn on their lungs, others may find the quick and powerful onset of THC uncomfortable.

Regardless of the reason, edibles offer a unique experience when it comes to cannabis. 

First and foremost, there is no harsh impact on use. Edibles don’t instigate a coughing response and don’t burn on the way down. Eating an edible is the same as eating anything else. 

Simply avoiding the combustion cycle already opens the experience to a new host of curious customers. 

But moving past the act of ingestion, edibles also deliver THC much differently than smoking. A slow and steady climb replaces the quick onset, giving the user time to acclimate to the experience. 

Instead of a surge of feelings, edibles trickle into your brain and let you track exactly what’s happening. Edibles are also easier to keep dosing track of, so you know exactly how much you are using. We will cover this more in a lower section when we look at how edibles work inside the body. 

How Legal Edibles WorkCBDD9THC-Honey

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, the federal government uses a new definition of hemp. Hemp is any cannabis plant that contains 0.3% delta-9 THC or less. It also makes CBD legal. That means legal hemp products must also contain 0.3% delta-9 THC or less.

So, we make our edibles incredibly dense! The heavier the edible, the more THC we can put into it on a dry-weight legal basis.

For example, our chocolate bars contain 300mg of delta-9 THC or delta-8 THC, depending on which you choose. We can do that because the entire chocolate bar weighs 3.5 oz — or 100 grams. 300 milligrams is 0.3% of 100 grams. That means we can provide legal edibles that offer an impressive 15mg per serving!

A Different Route into the Body

The traditional method of smoking cannabis leaves little to the imagination. Once you inhale the smoke, the THC quickly introduces itself to the bloodstream via the lungs. It takes almost no time for the endocannabinoid system to absorb THC.

Most cannabis smokers feel the effects within seconds as it rushes through the body. It gives a quick-acting high that peaks soon after smoking.

Edibles are an entirely different experience.

THC in an edible introduces itself through the GI tract and processes into the body through the liver. That’s why it takes so long to take effect! It’s also how THC transforms in the body when you eat an edible.

THC’s metabolization within the liver turns it into a new compound – 11-hydroxy-THC. The new type of THC is more potent than traditional THC. It crosses the blood-brain barrier more readily. 

While this new form of THC is more potent, it takes much longer to get into your system. Because of that, people turned off by the sudden onset of smoking often find edibles easier to handle. The slow drip effect makes the ramp-up much easier to handle and adjust. 

In short, smoking cannabis typically gives you results immediately. Eating it can take 30 minutes to 2 hours to start showing noticeable effects.

The start-up time can further be slowed down if you already have other food in your system.

Benefits of Legal Edibles Over Smoking

The benefit of legal edibles is the amount of control it gives the user. With smoking, you can limit how many times you inhale, but controlling the THC level is more difficult.

We produce our edibles with an intended serving size and pre-determined dose. You can buy different strengths of THC, even for items that are the same in every other way. 

Even past the pre-determined dose size, it’s relatively easy to cut a serving size into smaller pieces. That gives you finer control over how much of a high or experience you have.

We recommend starting low and slow with edibles. It proves a powerful tool for those hesitant to try cannabis in the first place.

Even for those familiar with cannabis in other forms, we suggest starting low and slow. That’s especially if it’s your first time trying edibles. The different highs and longer trips can prove uncomfortable if you go in with something stronger than you’re ready for. 

You can increase the dose if you’re not getting the desired feeling – you can’t take less once you eat it!


Choosing the Right Legal Edibles

The market for THC edibles in the cannabis industry is booming. Widespread demand continues to lead to multiple breakthroughs in variety and strength.

Nowadays, you have options. No longer do you have to rely on whipped-up weed brownies from home! Instead, we offer decadent legal edibles of all shapes and sizes

Chocolate fans can rejoice with several options available.

Gummies are also a popular sweet-treat-turned-edible.

More of a hard candy fan rather than chewy gummies? Try some Delta-9 Hard Candies instead. We also offer Delta-9 Caramels and Delta-9 Marsh-mellow bars for others who want something different.

Lastly, we offer CBD Honey and THC Honey so you can enjoy legal edibles across other foods! Try it on your toast, in your coffee, or in a dessert (just don’t bake it!), and you’re in for a treat.

Final Thoughts on Legal Edibles

Edibles offer something unique and convenient to many cannabis consumers. It also provides numerous benefits, from discretion and longer-lasting effects to precise dosing. 

We invite you to explore the world of edibles but remember to prioritize safety by choosing reliable, legal edibles. You can do that by discovering new and exciting ways to enjoy legal cannabis with our legal edibles line.

And it doesn’t just stop at edibles. Check out our shop page to discover a whole line of hemp-derived products. From flower and vape products to topicals and oils, we offer a variety of options!