Vaping is a part of daily life for many consumers nowadays. And hemp and cannabis carts and disposables might be even more popular than their nicotine forefathers. However, not all vaping is equal, which brings us to the question for our guide. What’s the difference between cartridges and disposables?

How Do Vape Cartridges and Disposables Work?

There are several varieties of cannabis vapes available to consumers.

Just like their nicotine counterparts, weed vapes operate by heating oil or concentrate until it begins to vaporize. The temperature that the oil vaporizes at is below the point of combustion, so no material actually burns. 

Vaping is the process of heating flower or extracts to a temperature capable of vaporizing without combusting. For cannabis, the best temperature is generally between 350 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. However, vape models do vary, so there may be some temperature variation beyond that.

You may be starting to see the appeal – a way to consume cannabis without the combustion from traditional smoking. The effects hit you faster than that of an edible, making it an ideal option for some consumers.

Plus, vaping means you may minimize the harmful effects typically associated with smoking. In fact, some research reveals vape users report fewer respiratory problems than respondents who smoke. The results suggest that switching to vaping could improve certain respiratory symptoms.

What Are Disposable Vapes?cartridge vs disposable

At its base, a disposable pen is a single-use vaporizer. The defining features of a disposable are it comes with a pre-charged battery and contains oil pre-loaded for immediate use. 

A typical disposable vape consists of a battery, heating element, storage tank, and a mouthpiece for use. The storage tank is nonreplaceable and has all the oil the disposable needs for its operational lifespan. 

Disposables work by using the pre-charged battery to heat the oil in the tank until it vaporizes. In many cases, it does this without the need to press a button, where you simply inhale from the mouthpiece.

Disposable vapes come with their benefits and downsides, just like anything else. It’s important to weigh those to see if disposable vapes are a good choice for you. 

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of disposable options. We’ll get a clearer view of them as a product.

Pros of Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are a popular on-the-go option for many consumers today. Some of the reasons for their popularity include:

Ease of Use

Many vape consumers favor disposables for their simplicity. You must recharge and refill traditional vape options. There’s maintenance, cleaning, buying batteries, and more that come into play. 

Meanwhile, disposables are free of these hang-ups. They come charged and pre-filled with your concentrate of choice. Simply use it when you want it.


Most vape rigs have some bulk to them thanks to their parts and larger batteries. That adds weight and size to the vape that a lot of people may not want to deal with. The streamlined simplicity of disposables makes them lightweight and slim in profile.


Disposables are cheap and easy to purchase. Many agree that they give you enough bang for your buck to make them the go-to choice.


We design our high-quality disposables to prevent any extract loss. We avoid waste, making each pen better worth your money and time.

Cons of Disposable Vapes

As mentioned above, no product is without its downsides, and disposables have their issues that consumers should keep in mind. 


When the disposable is empty, that’s it – time to purchase a new one. It’s a downside, especially if you’re using them with any semi-frequency. The cost of replacing them can also start to add up.


A drawback that can become an unexpected issue is the sealed nature of disposables. Refilling a typical rig’s empty tank is as easy as opening the reservoir and adding more of your favorite oil. Some keep a spare on hand or prepare around running out to avoid this issue.

cartridges vs disposablesWhat Are Vape Cartridges?

While some people may use the terms cartridge and disposable interchangeably, the two terms are still different. A vape cartridge is a small, sealed capsule containing cannabis concentrate. Alternatively, a disposable is the entire device – battery and all. 

The components of a vape cartridge consist of:

  • A mouthpiece for inhaling vapor.
  • The atomizer that heats your extract.
  • Threaded attachment (usually a 510 connector) for the battery.
  • Tank or chamber that holds the actual oil.

But just like disposables, carts have their own list of positives and negatives.

Pros of Vape Cartridges


Because of their nature, the parts for a cart tend to last longer than disposable pens. Battery components for carts can last months or even years. It all depends on how well you take care of each section. Overall, though, batteries need not be replaced often.

In-Depth Control

You typically get more control over your vape experience with a cartridge. That’s because the battery the cart fits into often comes with additional functions. 

Select models, like our battery, offer adjustable temperature control, preheat capabilities, and more. Our haptic feedback functions give you maximum control over your vape cartridge!


Since the equipment for cartridges is intended for multiple uses, they are considerably more durable than disposables. 

Cons of Vape Cartridges


Most disposables don’t have any additional functionality other than to drag on the mouthpiece for a hit. Vape cartridges may require more involvement in their use. Things like temperature settings and learning how preheating works give it a learning curve. Fortunately, it still offers a low threshold in difficulty for learning how to use.


Since the product isn’t designed to be disposable, keep in mind certain basic maintenance aspects. Things like regularly cleaning and replacing parts will become a norm for you.

So, Cartridges vs Disposables: Which Should You Use?

The answer to the question varies, because everyone is different. Choosing which is better comes down to personal preference and need.

Are you looking for something quick and simple? A disposable might be what you want, especially if you’re new to the vape scene. The convenience and price are a solid combination for many consumers.

Or, are you already familiar with vaping and like the idea of it long-term? A reusable vape battery with cartridges may be your next step. At the end of the day, providing these comparisons may help make the decision easier!