Love to wake and bake? You’re not alone. In the US, over 21% of cannabis consumers light up within the first hour of being awake. That’s according to a 2017 Global Drug Survey – which means that number could’ve easily increased since then.

But what is it about smoking in the morning that draws us in? In our guide today, we’ll look at the science behind the wake and bake. We’ll answer the question some of us likely have: why does it feel so good to wake and bake? Let’s dive in.

The Science Behind the Wake and Bake

The classic Wake and Bake consists of a morning smoke session before you start your day. People who regularly partake in the process often consider it an important part of starting the day off on a good note.

An impressive 22% of US pot smokers say the morning wake-and-bake ritual is something they love to take part in. And it’s easy to see why.

But what about it makes it so appealing? Well, there is a bit of a differing school of thought when it comes to the wake and bake. 

Diving headlong into a morning smoke session can help shake off the fog and grog that comes with waking up. Other people find that starting your day with the heady buzz of THC helps prevent a grumpy morning. 

Other people rely on the traditional wake and bake to ward off the aches and pains that are usually associated with joint and bone issues. For these people, this routine is as important as morning coffee for being able to function fully. 

Regardless of the reasons, the wake and bake has found a permanent home in the hearts of millions. It also comes as no surprise. 

The key to a successful wake and bake is moderation, no matter why you’re doing it. Wake and bake life is about balance and achieving the perfect morning. Let’s look into the best ways to make that happen.

Tips for How to Wake and Bake

Maximizing the wake-and-bake experience doesn’t take a strenuous amount of effort. It doesn’t even take that much additional time. Plus, the payoff can make the difference between a good morning or a luxurious start to a relaxing day. 

Use the Right Strain

When you want to feel focus and energy, you won’t rely on a cannabis product designed for relaxation. Instead, you’d choose a Sativa strain with accompanying terpenes that also promote energy and focus. Let’s look at some examples.

Delta-8 Aquaponic Sour Lifter

The Sour Lifter strain delivers a clear-headed, uplifting buzz with enduring effects.

Delta-8 Aquaponic Pineapple Kush

Meanwhile, Pineapple Kush delivers a more euphoric but still uplifting effect.

CBD Aquaponic Kush Cake

Alternatively, Kush Cake embraces the happy, uplifting effects without the buzz. As a CBD strain, smoking in the morning will deliver a slightly different result than using it in the evening.

Eat Something After that First Hit

Food can have a strong impact on THC and how it affects you. Usually, when people smoke, they tend to start feeling a bit hungry. This familiar feeling is called munchies. (Most people who smoke are already familiar with munchies.) 

But this can cause a minor issue when trying to enjoy a nice high. On one hand, the hunger feels very real and can be distracting. On the other hand, eating tends to satiate hunger at the cost of the high.

In the morning, have a bite to eat with your smoke sesh. It may help you feel more focused and sharp for the day

Switch to a Vape in the Morning

This is more of a personal preference, but it should also be considered based on what kind of day you are planning to have. 

Maybe you’re interested in the wake-and-bake strategy but don’t want to deal with traditional smoking. Fortunately, there’s still hope for you with a vape or cart.


Don’t forget to drink water! Try to drink a glass first thing in the morning. Quench your thirst before the inevitable cottonmouth tries to take over.

Aside from preventing cottonmouth, drinking water as soon as you wake up has its own list of benefits. Things like feeling more awake and getting your body’s metabolism rolling are positives in their own right. 

Prep the Coffee

When your goal is to wake and bake, these two can be a gorgeous combination. People notice when they drink coffee that the caffeine intensifies their cannabis session. While anecdotal, there may certainly be some science behind it.

Pace Yourself

It may feel tempting to go full ham and blast that Yaya like it’s the end of days. But sometimes, taking a step back can be more beneficial and let you enjoy the experience more fully. 

Potential Problems with Waking and Baking

There are pros and cons to all things, including waking and baking. However, it may be more correlation than causation. A study observed that morning cannabis users have “more problems” than non-morning users.

Essentially, those who wake and bake may have a higher dependency on the plant.

However, that’s just one study. More research is certainly needed on the ins and outs of the wake and bake. 

For now, we know what the science says. Enjoy your next morning session!