Should you buy hemp products online, or in person? What if there aren’t any smoke shops near you? There needs to be more clarity in the market over the best way to get hemp products. That goes double for the fact that hemp is becoming more popular.

In this guide, we want to answer these valuable questions. Where should you buy hemp? 

Sure, we’re a hemp brand – but we sell both online and in person. Our goal is transparency so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

Maybe you’re entirely new to buying hemp. Perhaps you have some prior experience. Either way, we’re here to help clear up any confusion you may still have about a growing, exciting industry.

Should You Buy Hemp Products Locally or Online?

Hemp is still relatively new to consumer markets. Online shops can offer it and outpace brick-and-mortar shops – usually. 

There are also shops like ours that do both.

Regardless, that doesn’t mean all sources are created equal.

Another factor is where someone lives compared to the closest physical smoke shop. The distance can become a deciding factor in someone’s search for reliable purchases. 

No matter which option you choose, it’s best to understand the ups and downs of each one. 

Today, we’ll go over a list of pros and cons related to both online and in-person purchases for hemp. Hopefully, we can help users decide what works best for them!

Pros of Buying Hemp Onlinepros of buying hemp online

Since we’re diving into buying hemp, we want to start by going over the pros of buying hemp online.

There is a surprising amount of benefits that come with online retail, especially in the world of hemp. 

These benefits range from being able to look up how trustworthy a site is from reviews to comparing prices on other sites. And all of this can be done with lightning-fast speed.

But that isn’t all. A fair share of online retailers also offers other great tools for helping your decisions, such as:

  • Strain Information 
  • Online shopping discounts
  • Batch information
  • FAQ pages about products

This list isn’t limited to one particular store, either. After all, the biggest benefit to buying online is that you can compare shops on the fly. You can look at customer experiences to decide on the best product.

Online-only deals are also a growing trend. The ability to see who’s offering the best prices can help even the most indecisive shopper narrow down options.

Cons of Buying Hemp Online

Just because the online market has a fair amount of bonuses doesn’t mean that it’s without drawbacks. There’s still a confusing mess of things to watch out for regarding online retailers. 

The first and foremost is legitimacy. Online stores crop up much faster than brick-and-mortar stores. The ease allows some questionable sites to pop up and draw traffic away from legitimate sources.

Some other hurdles to consider when looking into online purchasing include:

  • Understanding things like potency and strain
  • Knowing what effects you’re looking for 
  • Questionable sources
  • Having to wait for your items to ship to you

Some things become more challenging to figure out on your own if you are unfamiliar with the industry. That goes especially with the rise of specialized strains and cannabinoid percentages. It can become overwhelming to a buyer.

Likewise, customer service plays a role in if online is a worthy option or not. Getting ahold of a live representative to ask questions should be easy. Unfortunately, it may prove more difficult online depending on the site you use.

Past these difficulties are still the baseline issue surrounding wait time. Even if the distriubtor is located in the same city or state as you, shipping times can vary between days and even weeks before you get your items. 

Some of these issues may immediately disqualify online purchasing for some customers. 

Or, just make sure the online source you do use is reliable. For example, we use FedEx 2-day shipping for all our orders. You can look forward to fast shipping when you purchase hemp products through us.

pros of buying hemp in personPros of Buying Hemp In Person

One of the most underrated aspects of buying hemp in a brick-and-mortar shop is the ability to talk to the person behind the counter. Not only does this make the purchase more personal, but it also gives the buyer an opportunity to ask any questions they might have.

Not everyone who buys hemp is familiar with the strains available or what each one is intended to do. Going in person can clear up a lot of fog surrounding hemp for first-time buyers or even for someone familiar who wants to learn about new products.

Some other benefits include

  • Being able to inspect the product in person
  • No shipping fees
  • Easy returns (when applicable)
  • Same-day take home

The lack of waiting for your product to be shipped to you can be a major decisive selling point for people deciding to buy in person. 

The entire experience feels calmer and reassuring when you can talk in person to someone who knows what they’re talking about, and physical shops offer this in spades. 

Cons of Buying Hemp In Person

Even though the idea of buying in person has been romanticized by people who don’t prefer online shopping, there are still a few hang-ups to keep in mind. 

Some of these might not even be full on negatives for some people but for others it’s good to go over these points regardless. 

Limited Selection

Since you are buying in person at a brick-and-mortar shop, what they have in stock is what you get. There is no way to get something extremely specific unless the shop owner is willing to put in a special order. Special orders take time to get to the shop anyway so you arent even saving time by going this route.


Online purchases tend to be cheaper since things like building rent, employee pay, and utilities are usually mitigated or taken completely out of the equation. The cost of running a business is usually passed on to the cost of the product, so buying in person means mark-ups on prices. 

shops that do both

More Noticeable

This can come down to how the customer feels about buying their hemp. Some people don’t enjoy having everyone know their business, but it’s hard to be discreet when you are walking into and out of a dedicated dispensary. For those seeking privacy about their purchase habits it’s hard to hide when buying in person. 

Shops That Do Both

And then, there are the shops like ours that do both. We’re proud to sell our high-quality hemp products online. And we’re also proud to sell our products across our local dispensaries. Based out of Memphis, it’s an honor to be able to do both!

Lab results are always available for our products. You can always reach out to ask a question. We work hard to build trust with our customers that lasts. Transparency is an ultimate mission of ours.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to love about buying hemp online. There’s also a lot to love about buying it in person. It comes down to your personal preference on what you feel comfortable with – and what’s around you. 

For some, online is the best option because physical locations around them are limited. For others, maybe smoke shops around you don’t provide bud that’s as high-quality. Maybe you like Ounce of Hope’s products better if you don’t live in the Memphis area. That’s okay, too. Regardless, we hope this guide was helpful on making a more informed decision.