Our delta 8 vape cartridges have quickly become some of our most popular delta 8 products. Now, though, users come to us wanting to understand the carts better. How to unclog a delta 8 vape cartridge when it seems to just stay clogged, for example. That’s what we want to look at today.

In this guide, we’ll dig into why your delta 8 vape cart could be clogging in the first place. Then, we’ll explore how to unclog a delta 8 vape cartridge. Finally, we’ll show you how to avoid clogging them next time. 

5 Reasons Your Cart is Clogging

First of all, your delta 8 vape cart is clogged because it’s not getting any airflow. We’re going to look at all the reasons it could be clogged. Why is there no airflow in the first place? We can narrow it down to four pretty good reasons you might be having an issue. 

1. The oil is too hot.

Extreme temperatures, either way, can affect a vape. Left your cart out in the sun or in the blistering heat of your car? Don’t be surprised if it needs some time to cool off before you can get a good puff.

Sometimes, you may not notice anything even if your vape is extremely hot. Setting it down until it cools down is still what we recommend. You never want to handle a vaporizer that’s at too hot of a temperature, just for your own safety.

2. The vape is too cold.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, your cart can definitely also get too cold. Maybe it’s freezing outside. Maybe you decided to leave your cart in the fridge (please don’t do that). Regardless of why the oil in the cart may be too thick to be able to puff on. Temperature changes the viscosity of most concentrates. 

3. It was left unused.

Another reason your delta 8 vape cart might be clogging is just lack of use. Maybe you only puff on it a couple of times throughout the day. Maybe you forgot about it on a shelf and just picked it up again. Lack of routine use can cause the oil to simply get too thick and clog.

No matter the reason, your vape may not be pulling the way you want it to. Fortunately, we’ll touch on the easy ways to unclog it again in the next section of this guide. 

4. The vape is clogging from plain old normal use.

In fact, there may not be any actual reason why your cart clogged. Sometimes, just normal, consistent use can cause it to clog. It’s not your fault. Heck, it’s not even the vape’s fault. It just happens. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for how to unclog a delta 8 vape cartridge. Let’s take a look at these quick, easy ways to get that cart unclogged. Then, we’ll show you how to help keep it unclogged. 

After all, a clogged cart shouldn’t ever have to be your problem – especially if you got that cart from us. We make it a goal to give you a potently high-quality delta 8 product. 

A vape cartridge that can clog may not always be avoidable. However, we try to ensure it happens as little as possible.

5. It’s not a high-quality vape cartridge.

Lastly, you may not be doing anything wrong at all, and the vape cartridge is still clogging. In some cases, it can boil down to just not having a high-quality enough vape cartridge. It’s important to ensure you’re using the safest, most effective options when it comes to vaping. Fortunately, our products are all batch-tested in a third-party lab, ensuring safety, accuracy, and efficacy. Be sure to check out our vape products below.

Bonus Tip: Set your vape vertically when not in use

You can set yourself up for success by always standing your vape up vertically when you set it down. If you’re not using your vape, the cart should stand upright wherever you place it. This helps prevent some clogs. It helps lessen the likelihood of clogs, but a clog may still happen.

Standing your vape up vertically goes beyond that, though. When you stand it up, you ensure the coils are saturated until the last drop. Ever tasted a burnt vape cartridge? Easy to avoid if you keep your vape vertical.

How to Unclog a Delta 8 Vape Cartridge

If you’ve gotten to this section, your vape cartridge may already be clogged. On the bright side, we have multiple solutions. Let’s look over a few of our favorite methods to unclog those pesky delta 8 carts.

Warm your cart

Does your vaporizer have a preheat function? If so, this is the ideal solution. Preheat your cart to warm the oil enough to dissolve the clog potentially.

If you don’t have a preheat function available, that’s okay. You can alternatively use a hairdryer.

Place your cart upside down, with the mouthpiece facing the ground. Blast it with the hairdryer for just a few seconds. This should allow it to flow out of the airway appropriately.

Try hitting your cart with no fire

And by that, we mean essentially try to hit the cart without firing it up first. Softly pull air without firing up the cart. You can sometimes even feel or hear the clog pull through the airway. When you pull, you should be able to note when the clog is gone.

Clean your cart

Take a paperclip, toothpick, or another small object. Poke it into the mouthpiece of your cart. Be careful not to stick it in too deep. 

Carefully, move it around within the mouthpiece and scrape at the inner sides. This can often unclog a cart as it removes excess oil from the parts where oil doesn’t belong.

If you need immediate relief, use this method. Again, though, be cautious when you’re digging around in there. Some parts of your vaporizer or the cartridge may be delicate. It’s best not to go poking around if you don’t absolutely have to.

Prevent Your Delta 8 Cart from Clogging Next Time

You can avoid the trouble of clogs by avoiding them altogether with these tips. Now that you know how to unclog a delta 8 vape cartridge, let’s look at how to prevent your delta 8 from clogging next time. 

1. Draw extra air

When you take a puff, continue to draw air through the cart for a few seconds after you’ve stopped firing it. This helps clear out excess vapor, which can cause clogs. Drawing in extra air can help prevent the delta 8 from condensing and building up along the inner walls.

2. Hit your vape softer

Sometimes, you could be hitting your delta 8 vape cartridge too hard. Try to take softer hits and see if that helps fix the clog. Plus, a softer hit will help the cart last longer. That’s a win for your wallet, too.

3. Keep it vertical

Finally, that bonus tip from earlier will help pay off now. Keep your delta 8 vape cart vertical. Sometimes, this can even help unclog the vape once it’s been clogged.

Bottom Line

We hope we were able to help you better understand how to unclog a delta 8 vape cartridge, how to prevent it in the future, and everything in between. Still have questions? We have answers. Be sure to reach out or check out our FAQs.