Fizz, Flavor, and Fun: The Rise of THC Seltzers

There’s a new buzz in the air for the beverage industry. The infused seltzer niche is sparking up – and with good reason. The ready-to-drink industry is bursting with opportunity, and hard seltzers are on the rise. And what’s a better next step than infused THC seltzers that offer a buzz without the hangover?

In our guide today, we want to introduce why THC seltzers are the next big thing. What are THC seltzers? How are some brands able to sell them across the country? 

We explore these aspects and more, including how infused seltzers are made and their potential benefits. Our goal is for you to walk away better informed about a market that’s still heating up. Let’s dive in!


What are THC Seltzers?

So, what exactly is a THC seltzer? In short, it’s part of the ready-to-drink club as a cannabis-infused beverage. Some may refer to these cannabis seltzers as “liquid edibles.” 

They can provide you with a buzz or feeling outright high. That depends on how much you consume, your tolerance level, and more. But, as seltzers, they have the added bonus of quenching your thirst! 

THC seltzers may also provide other unique benefits you can’t get with other edibles.

7 Benefits of THC Seltzers

There are several reasons someone might want to try a THC seltzer.

1. Discreet and Convenient

Unlike traditional cannabis flower, THC seltzers don’t give off any indication of what they are. There is no room-filling smell or smoke to give away their purpose, so they don’t draw attention. They’re also easy to transport since they’re sealed and pre-portioned, the same as any other beverage. 

2. Hydration

A vast majority of THC beverages use a strong hydrating base. Some examples include pure water, coconut water, and herbal teas. All of these bases help replenish fluids in the body. That means you get to relax and enjoy the benefits of THC while actively keeping the body hydrated. A double win.

3. Long-Lasting Effects

When it comes to how long the effects last, THC drinks often come out in the lead. When you ingest cannabis in a beverage, the body processes it through the liver. Inside the liver, Delta-9 THC converts into 11-Hydroxy THC, which is much more potent and longer-lasting.

4. Precise Dosing

One of the best advantages that THC seltzer has to offer is its precise dosing. Unlike smoking flower or eating baked goods, THC seltzers offer a self-contained, exact, pre-dosed serving. Taking all the guesswork out of your dose can lead to a much smoother experience.

5. Wide Choice in Flavor

Where traditional cannabis products may have that distinct weed flavor, THC drinks manage to disguise it well. Cannabis seltzers come in a variety of flavors, ranging from fruit to savory choices. Since different people want different drinks, THC seltzers make a great choice for those with a discerning palette.

For example, our Berry High THC seltzer delivers a delectable wild berry compote for flavor. With just four ingredients in total, we’re proud our seltzers are a top choice for those who appreciate quality.

6. Hangover Free

This is a benefit that really shows how much a THC seltzer can shine. These seltzers are alcohol-free, which means you don’t have to worry about waking up with a skull-splitting hangover.

7. Low Calorie

On average, a 12 oz can of beer comes in at 150 calories or more, depending on the brand. Even wine can be surprising per serving since a 5 oz glass is around 120 calories. 

A comparable 12 oz can of THC Seltzer usually ranges between 60 to 80 calories.

Meanwhile, our Berry High seltzer contains only 24 calories in a larger 16 fl oz container. Talk about a win!


Introducing Ounce of Hope’s Delta-9 THC Seltzers

Introducing: our 5mg delta-9 THC Berry High seltzer. Made in-house, we’re proud of the formula and the limited 4 ingredients we use in each can. (That’s water, sugar, a delightful berry compote, and our potent delta-9 THC distillate, by the way.)

Ounce of Hope’s latest THC seltzer is a 5mg THC option for a light buzz without alcohol. It’s a perfect solution for the day drinkers and wine enthusiasts trying to cut back. No hangover the next day!

Most THC seltzers on the market are 12 oz, but our Berry High THC Seltzer is 16 oz. At only 24 calories, it’s also a low-calorie option for a more guilt-free beverage.

A little about us: We’re an aquaponics cannabis company. That means we fertilize our cannabis plants with nutrient-rich water from fish. It’s a more sustainable, natural way to grow the plant (and no harm comes to the fish!). 

In fact, we’re so proud of our farm that we offer tours so that you can see the real deal in person.

Our Berry High THC Seltzers are just $5.50 a can or $20 for a 4-pack, so take a sip for a unique, infused experience today.


What to Consider Before Trying THC Seltzers

It is important to remember that just because THC has become popular in the mainstream, that doesn’t mean that all laws reflect that equally. You should always make sure that your local laws allow for the purchase and consumption of THC seltzer.

Another point to take note of is how dosing and effects work. A usual dose for a single serving is about 5mg of THC. Some drinks are a single serving per can, while others may have more THC in them and actually house two or more servings. 

If you are new to THC-infused drinks, we recommend starting low and drinking your seltzer in a calm and comfortable environment to see what dose strength is right for you. 

Potential Side Effects

Like anything else, there is always a chance you may experience some potential side effects when you drink a THC seltzer. While you won’t get a hangover since marijuana seltzers are non-alcoholic, you may experience different minor effects, and it’s important to understand what they are beforehand. 

Some of the side effects include:

  • Redness of the Eyes
  • Dry Mouth
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Dizziness
  • Mild Euphoria
  • Heightened Appetite

This is by no means a fully comprehensive list of possible side effects, but it does contain the most commonly noted of them. 

It should also be noted that because this type of product does have THC in it, you should probably avoid drinking it if you are subject to cannabis testing. 


Exciting Infused Seltzer Varieties to Come

As we wrap up, one thing is clear – it’s easy to see that cannabis-infused seltzers are here to stay. They continue to grow in popularity in the edibles and beverage industries.

The excitement doesn’t end with our Berry High seltzer. Interested in what Ounce of Hope’s doing next? We’ve got more THC seltzers on the way. Get ready for new flavors, strengths, and more.