As time passes, cannabis has become a staple in the US. No longer are CBD and other cannabis compounds talked about in a negative tone. Public acceptance soars as states continue to legalize cannabis for different uses.

What many cannabis users may not be familiar with are other smokable herbs. People use these herbs for other purposes outside smoking, so they’re rarely highlighted. Those familiar like to mix these herbs with cannabis to maximize the benefits or stimulate entirely new effects.

Today, we’ll explore some of these herbs, including lavender, chamomile, jasmine, and more. Together, we’ll understand better what they offer and why people may mix herbs with cannabis. 

Why Mix Herbs with Cannabis?

You can mix cannabis with several herbs to create new flavors, spice up the session, and promote new effects. People might do it for different reasons.

A few options even help to soothe some of the undesirable side effects that cannabis can produce, such as anxiety.

Regardless of personal reasons, several herbs blend well with cannabis. However, not all results will be the same for everyone. Remember that everyone’s experience varies.

Before we dive in, though, be sure you know where to get the best cannabis to mix these herbs with. We grow our flower through aquaponics by combining hydroponics and aquaculture. That means delightfully high-quality, pesticide-free, chemical-free, pure cannabis flower.

10 Best Herbs to Mix with Cannabis

We can group some herbs together because of their similar effects. However, they don’t all produce the same outcome. You might use one for sleep or stress issues – others you might use to deliver a much-needed energy boost.

The herbs below will give you a general idea of the possible benefits of mixing them. Let’s get started.

3 Herbs to Mix with Cannabis for Added Relaxation

Cannabis carries a reputation for helping users unwind and de-stress. The plant’s ability to stimulate relaxation is a big draw for users. Let’s look at herbs that pair with cannabis to heighten that relaxation side.

1. LavenderLavender

Thanks to its strong fragrance and versatility, Lavender is a staple in some household products. Hand soap, detergent, and even air fresheners all use lavender as an easy and widely enjoyed scent. 

But beyond its pleasant aroma, lavender has a long and lively history of medicinal uses. Aromatherapists use lavender to help with headaches, nervous disorders, and exhaustion. One may even treat the body’s exterior with lavender, using it for eczema, fungal infections, and acne.

The aromatherapy aspect is where lavender and cannabis find themselves working well together. Cannabis and lavender happen to share an important terpene between two plants – linalool. Linalool is abundant in both lavender and some cannabis strains!

The herb adds a deep, pleasant aroma to cannabis. Likewise, it shows promise in helping as an anti-convulsant and a muscle relaxant.

2. Chamomile

Chamomile is another herb many users may know well. After all, the herb is widely available as tea in most grocery stores. Many use chamomile to ease stress and tension, helping with relaxation. As a result, it’s popular for evening use.

And sleepytime tea isn’t the only use for chamomile. It may hold applications for anxiety, headaches, insomnia, indigestion, and inflammation. While more research is always necessary, the herb shows tremendous promise.

These traits have the possibility of carrying over into your cannabis mixture as well. If you seek a more relaxing session, add chamomile to your blend. You may have a higher chance of reaching your desired de-stress level.

3. Mugwort

Some consider Mugwort a common weed in North America, so it being on the list may be a surprise. However, the herb may provide a plethora of potential benefits. 

Smoking Mugwort may deliver strong relaxing properties and mild intoxicating properties. As a bonus, it may help with inflammation. The ability to stimulate relaxation is a major factor in Mugwort’s use, though.

3 Herbs to Mix with Cannabis for a More Intense High

You might combine the herbs here with cannabis to complement and expand on the natural high cannabis already offers. The herbs enhance the base experience without adding or altering too much on their own. 

Sage1. Sage

Sage already has a place in many homes. Everything from cooking to smells has a section for sage and its potent aroma. 

It’s also the original Salvia. The herb holds a strong position in ancient medicine. Even today, many believe sage possesses purifying qualities with spiritual potential.

Mixing sage with cannabis may intensify the overall high. The herb might make cannabis’s effects stronger. In some cases, it may help you initiate lucid dreaming or let you reach a trance-like state.

Sage should make up 25% of the total blend when you add it to cannabis.

2. Hops

This one might come as a major surprise to some. People associate hops with the brewing process for the beer industry.

Hops aren’t strictly useful for alcohol, though. 

Cannabis and hops actually have a fair bit in common. They share a somewhat visible profile with their jagged edge leaves, and they’re also brimming with terpenes. Hops may also be rich in antioxidants, giving you a boost when you combine it with your favorite plant.

Some adventurous cannabis enthusiasts find mixing in hops flowers helps to heighten the relaxing effects of cannabis. It may also stimulate sleep better. 

3. Lion’s Tail

People of South Africa traditionally and medicinally use Lion’s Tail (Leonotis Leonurus). These uses include calming patients and inducing sleep. Lion’s Tail may provide deep rest and even enhance dream quality, so it has much potential.

Other uses include helping to treat symptoms of bronchitis and colds. And in fact, Lion’s Tail is described as “wild cannabis” with its effects and phytochemistry.

Lion’s Tail doesn’t limit itself to these categories, though.  Some refer to Lion’s Tail as a cannabis substitute and even a companion herb thanks to its mild euphoric effects.  

When you blend Lion’s Tail with cannabis, users report deeper relaxation and calm states thanks to the synergistic combination. 

4 Herbs to Mix with Cannabis for “Excitement” (AKA – Aphrodisiacs)

An aphrodisiac, by definition, is a substance that may increase libido, attraction, desire, and pleasure. Numerous foods, herbs, and other substances are sought after and believed to hold these qualities. 

People searching for these effects should keep in mind that experiences between different users will vary. Don’t assume an aphrodisiac is a be-all, end-all answer to particular problems. 

1. Jasminejasmine

Jasmine has been known as an aphrodisiac for as long as written history. The sweet fragrance and light, delicate flavor profile can help smooth the smoking experience.

Some may describe the effects of jasmine as relaxing and calming. After all, it’s used in many aromatherapy sessions for a reason. The herb may also increase the natural calming effects of cannabis.

We recommend a blend of 10% jasmine and 90% cannabis when mixing the two.

2. Damiana

Damiana is another herb that people use for a plethora of medical applications. Some users report damiana helps with symptoms like headaches, depression, constipation, and much more.

On top of these, some people inhale damiana as aromatherapy. They claim to achieve a slight high from the herb.

The yellow flower offers a soft flavor and fragrance when you add it to a cannabis blend. Users claim that it may help expand on the mind-expanding qualities of cannabis. It’s thought to help with creativity and open-mindedness. 

The aphrodisiac qualities of damiana extend back to precolonial civilizations native to Mexico. People use it even today to enhance libido and fertility. A good damiana/cannabis mix is 25% damiana and 75% cannabis.

3. Passionflower

This particular flower may be a little lesser known to the general public, but passionflower is not new to the block. Passionflower is in the arsenal of many natural homeopaths as a tool to help with many symptoms.

Anxiety, insomnia, and even generalized stress all have a close history with the plant. It is often mixed with other herbs, such as cornflower and damiana, and makes up a smaller portion of the overall blend. 

The lower volume in a mix is due to the mildly psychoactive properties that users may experience. These effects may include slightly altered visuals and comfortable mind numbness. 

These comforting and mellow tones are sought after when adding passionflower to your cannabis blend. We recommend a mix of 25% passionflower and 75% cannabis for the overall blend.

rose petals4. Rose Petals

You can blend rose petals with other herbs, as people have been doing for generations. It offers a distinct flavor and unique fragrance to sweeten blends.

When you blend cannabis and dried rose petals, get ready for mild euphoric effects. Roses’ quality as an aphrodisiac extends to smoking blends and the other uses we list above. Use 10% rose petals and 90% cannabis for an effective blend.

How to Mix Herbs with Cannabis

When it comes to adding a new herb, please treat it with the same caution as when first trying cannabis. 

Go low and go slow. 

That’s practical advice for when you’re trying anything new. Those trying out a new herb should start with just a small sprinkle to see how they feel. This is important, especially since some herbs can impart very strong smells and flavor. 

If you mix multiple herbs with your cannabis, aim for a mixture of about 75% cannabis and 25% other herbs. Those familiar with mixing herbs may try 50/50 cannabis/herbs to maintain a good flavor and effect profile still.

No matter what blend you use, reach that point over time when you’re comfortable. Take it low and slow until you reach the full effects you seek. That way, you don’t accidentally make a combination you don’t like.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, there’s a whole world of herbs to mix with cannabis safely. Maybe you want to enhance relaxation, intensify your high, or explore its aphrodisiac effects. These herbs can add new dimensions to your cannabis experience. 

However, always approach herb mixing with caution. Start small and gradually find the perfect blend to suit your tastes and needs. With creativity and care, you can unlock a realm of unique flavors and effects to elevate your cannabis journey.

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