Joining the Cannabis Industry: Everything You Need to Know

Thinking of joining the cannabis industry? While it’s not every smoker’s dream to join the cannabis industry, it’s certainly some of theirs. You may know the promise, potential, and sheer profit the market has for marijuana and hemp. It’s a ripe industry to get into. 

Though uncertain when the plant is not fully legal federally, the industry still sees steady, stable growth. With all the opportunity ahead, it’s no surprise you might want to pivot your career in this direction. 

We’re here to provide you with all the tips and advice needed to get into the cannabis industry. Let’s dive into our guide.


There's a lot to know about joining the cannabis industry

First Things First: Getting into the Cannabis Industry is Easier Said than Done

The beginning steps to take always start with the basics. It’s important to do your research to understand the differences between various cannabis jobs. It also helps you learn the salaries that come with them. Be aware of the uncertainties that come with the market, but have confidence as you move forward.

Get Familiar with the Scene

Once you start to learn the basics, it’s important to check which states have recreational and medical marijuana laws. It’s also good to learn the differences between the two. Nobody should expect you to be an expert, but it doesn’t hurt to be well-informed. 

Likewise, learning about hemp and CBD products may be just as important as the cannabis space continues to grow.

What medical marijuana is meant for and how it’s obtained is vital to know. Also, note that most users must be over 18 or 21 years old to purchase depending on the state, regardless of whether it’s for medical or recreational.

All states have different laws that regulate the use of CBD, hemp, marijuana, and other forms of cannabis. Make sure you get familiar with your local area and state’s laws. Always be knowledgeable on what you need to know about getting into the marijuana scene legally.


How to find your spot in the cannabis industry

Make Sure You Explore All Your Options

There are so many jobs on the table when it comes to the cannabis field. Sure, there’s working in a dispensary — you have to learn about the variety of products sold there. You must become knowledgeable about each type of strain. That’s how they smell, what’s unique about them and what effects they give, and everything in between. This is just a small piece of the pie when it comes to the positions available, however.

Imagine instead working as a production supervisor or an edibles specialist. Imagine being a technician in the fields or weed labs. Picture being a horticulturist, grower, or anything in between! The job options are limitless when it comes to marijuana and hemp. Learn about all your options and explore what feels best for you.

Some occupations, of course, will be more prestigious than others. Some may require schooling or a type of certification before you qualify for them. However, many people in the industry find they’re certainly worth the years of experience and education required to get these high-paying, lucrative, and secure jobs.

Inspect the Jobs’ Description and Overall Salary

The cannabis industry is wide and ever-expanding. In fact, because we have a hemp dispensary, we ourselves are technically part of the cannabis industry. We sell delta-8 THC, CBD, and other hemp-based products. Furthermore, our employees gain the experience they can use for the rest of the industry.

However, most people use three general fields to get into the industry. You may choose to go in through the dispensary field, the production field, or the cultivation field. Other fields might be relevant, especially as the industry expands. Marketing, for example, will only become a bigger necessity as the industry skyrockets. For now, these three fields are the ones that reign supreme in the cannabis space.

Requirements: What You Need Before Getting into the Cannabis Industry

Unfortunately, not everyone qualifies for the cannabis industry right out the gate. Many factors can play a make or break role in whether you become part of the canna-space or not. Let’s look at all the things you need to be prepared for when joining the marijuana or hemp industry.

You Need a Clean Record.

As with many job fields, you’re subjected to a background check for virtually any aspect of the cannabis industry. Past convicts and those with felonies are typically not eligible for a job or career in the cannabis industry at this time. We hope to see a more understanding future where those with a record don’t fear being rejected for starting a career simply for a past act. For the time being, even having a misdemeanor can affect your chances for a position in the canna-world, depending on your state’s laws.

You Need to Be Prepared for an Uncertain Job Market.

Unsurprisingly with how new the cannabis world is, the industry is possibly one of the most uncertain. With marijuana still federally classified as a Schedule I drug, right alongside substances like LSD and heroin, the job market can be unsteady at best. It drastically depends on the state you’re in for how the job market will be. Fortunately, projections for the future of the cannabis industry are bright. 

You Need to See it Like Any Other Type of Job.

Just because you’re joining the cannabis industry doesn’t mean typical job rules don’t apply. Most people in the cannabis industry still have to work a shift, fulfill weekly hours, and pay taxes just like any other income form. As marijuana comes into the legal limelight, all the stress of having to rely on a dealer or handle shady business deals is a thing of the past.

Still motivated at the thought of joining the cannabis industry? Are you trying to find yourself a career in this fast-growing world of weed? We hope our guide helped give you a better outline of what you should be prepared for, what you should know going into an industry like this, and everything in between. Make sure you take a look through our blogs to see which other content might stick out at you. Our aim to spread knowledge and give you the power of information never stops!