Did you know there are tons of other types of delta 8 edibles other than gummies? There are even products out there for consumers who don’t like edibles at all! In this guide today, we want to help you narrow in on the important questions. Which delta 8 product is right for you? It’s our goal to help you truly find the answer to that question.

There are already a lot of guides out there on finding the right delta 8 brand. Seldom, though, do we see products other than gummies mentioned! We totally understand — our delta 8 gummies are our most popular product, after all. But there are also other types of delta 8 products to know and love. While we’ll touch on who gummies are ideal for, we’ll also be spotlighting other delta 8 goodies you don’t want to miss out on.

What is Delta 8?

We’ve answered this question in other guides, but we’ll give a quick summary for those just now tuning in. Delta 8 THC is a compound found in cannabis. Just like CBD and the more well-known version of THC, it’s called a cannabinoid.

While it naturally occurs in cannabis plants, delta 8 is a less potent type of THC. Even though it’s less potent, it does still cause a high. Many users rave about the similarities between delta 8 and the THC in marijuana. However, it also stands to provide a high of its own.

It’s found only in small traces of hemp. And since the 2018 Farm Bill made it and other hemp derivatives legal, it’s only continued to grow in popularity.

Which Delta 8 Product is Right for You?

You likely know of the classic marijuana edibles that can be made from THC. A legal alternative now is delta-8 THC edibles. These edibles are made by adding the active delta 8 to an edible base.

Oftentimes this is why gummies are such a popular option. They’re easy to make and require little additives to disguise the hemp taste. Later, when we look at how to choose the best edibles, we’ll touch on the hemp taste again.

One thing we try to stress: everyone is different. When creating our line of delta 8 products, we always kept this fact in mind. Instead of trying to fit everyone into one product, we aim to be versatile!

How We Break Down Which Delta 8 Product is Right for You

If there’s one thing we’ve stressed all throughout our blog, it’s that everyone is different. Knowing that, there’s a perfect delta 8 product out there for everyone. We looked at a variety of factors to break down which delta 8 product is right for you.

Beginner, Moderate, or Seasoned

First, we looked at the frequency in which you might use the products. Some people are newbies or even first-timers. There are some shoppers that have delta 8 once or twice a week. Then, there are our everyday consumers, aka our seasoned veterans.

The Types of Delta 8 Consumers

Next, we looked at all the reasons someone might try delta 8.

Those that can’t stop coughing

Coughers – AKA people that can’t smoke weed anymore because it makes them cough too much. Edibles and softgels will be much more up their alley.

The outdoors enthusiasts and cannabis connoisseurs

Our outdoors explorers can take advantage of delta 8 flower and vape cartridges to continue their adventures. The classic smokers among us can join them. It helps that we have more than one delta 8 flower strain to choose from.

Alternatively medicating naturally

Consumers that grab up delta 8 as alternatives or additions to medicate naturally will enjoy a variety of our products.

The unsuspecting stoner

The unsuspecting stoner who still enjoys a good buzz is likely to enjoy our softgels, among other product types.

Impatient patients

Our more impatient patients can get more instant relief with a tincture or vape.

Quick Look:
  • Coughers – Edibles, Softgels
  • First-Timers & Newbies – Brownie Bites, Delta 8 Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate (up to 15mg)
  • 1-2 times a week consumers – Delta 8 Chocolate, Gummies
  • Seasoned Veterans – Vape, Fruity Squares
  • Outdoors Explorers – Vape, Flower
  • Medicating Naturally – Vape
  • Unsuspecting Stoner – Softgels
  • Impatient Patients – Tincture, Vape
  • Classic Smokers – Flower

Now, we use these more as a rough guide rather than hard-set rules. Let’s go over which delta 8 product is right for you through the product side.

Delta 8 Products that Aren’t Edibles

First, of course, is for people who don’t have time to chew! Or, maybe you don’t prefer to, at least. Either way, these are delta 8 products that aren’t just edibles.

Delta 8 Softgels

Sometimes, even the most experienced cannabis user will enjoy a good softgel. Our delta 8 softgels contain 25mg each, so you get 750mg per bottle. 

(We definitely recommend waiting a good two hours before you take a second softgel in case there’s a delayed reaction.)

Different Delta 8 Vape Cartridges

You never know what flavor might pique your interest! Each delta 8 vape cartridge offers a different high than the last strain. 

In addition, though they are different flavors, each cart offers 80% to 88% delta 8 THC. (That’s 800 to 880 mg delta 8 THC.) Let’s look through our most effective flavors to give you an idea.

Watermelon Sugar

It’s a hit song and one of our favorite vape flavors. Picture subtle, sweet watermelon and the skunky aroma of some excellent herb. Get a nostalgia vibe when you take a puff and remember long summer days.

Lemon Runtz

For this flavor, imagine an incredibly fruity flavor profile. It basically smells like a bag of candy. Some users might find it a hard flavor to resist! Expect euphoric, uplifting effects known to be long-lasting.


Well, it’s in the name. Trainwreck can definitely hit you! It’s hard to describe the flavor for this one, but its ceramic coil does ensure a smooth taste.


Finally, get a cross between grape and grapefruit with Zkittles. It packs a strong herbal and tropical fruity flavor. For some users, you may find yourself consistently coming back to this one!

Delta 8 Flower

Currently, we offer three different delta 8 flower strains to give you some variety. White CBG’s image is worth a thousand words, but Suver Haze and Hawaiian Haze are certainly equally as memorable. Make sure to read through each description to check on which one feels right for you.

The In-Between – Delta 8 Tinctures

Tinctures are still one of the most popular products in the CBD world. Our CBD + Delta 8 tincture is a cross-collaboration between the two popular cannabinoids. We’d recommend using oil for anyone who isn’t quite ready to commit to an edible.

The Best Delta 8 Edibles

Finally, we get to the best edible delta 8 products. Even with edibles, we offer a variety so that you can find what fits you the best.

Delta 8 Gummies

While everyone has their preferences, our gummies are certainly our bestsellers. They deliver a small, but powerful, punch of sweet potency. With no discernable hempy aftertaste, we understand why they’re a favorite! Expect 20mg delta 8 per gummy, available in three different-sized containers.

Milk Chocolate

For the chocolate lovers out there, we also offer two different kinds of delta 8 chocolate. First, our milk chocolate is perfect for anyone looking to indulge in the sweeter side. Each piece in our delta 8 milk chocolate bars contains 15mg, or 225mg per package.

Dark Chocolate

On the flip side, there are chocolate lovers who prefer to indulge in the bittersweet. That’s where our delta 8 dark chocolate bars come in. You get the same amount of delta 8 perf chocolate piece as you do the milk chocolate, 15mg. But you also get a completely different chocolate flavor profile.

Brownie Bites

Maybe you’re more of a baked goods kind of sweets fan. We’re here for that, too! Our brownie bites are chockful of CBD, CBC, CBG, and delta 8 for a beautiful entourage effect. The buzz and benefits you might normally get from delta 8 are amplified. In other words, get ready for a treat.

Fruity Squares

Alternatively, you might prefer something outside the spectrum of delicious chocolate. Cereal bars and marshmallow treats might be just as popular! That’s why it felt right to add our delta 8 fruity squares to our lineup. Each square contains 25mg delta 8 and 50mg CBD rosin for an even more powerful experience.

CBD + Delta 8 Gummies

Finally, our other type of gummies is our CBD + delta 8 gummies. In a combo form, each gummy contains 10mg delta 8 THC and 10mg full-spectrum CBD. For an intense entourage effect, these gummies might be the most ideal for you. 

How to Choose the Best Delta 8 Product

When you learn how to choose the best delta 8 product for yourself, it makes shopping online that much easier. While delta 8 is easy to find, it doesn’t always come from the most trusted source. We want to show you what to look for when you’re sorting through the best delta 8 products available.

Dosage Strength

When you learn how to choose the best delta 8 products, you’ll get especially familiar with dosage strengths. As we mention throughout our guide above, our products typically have 250mg or 300mg delta-8 THC per package. Some are higher, but the serving sizes were still reasonable. Each piece, or serving, is often between 15mg and 30mg, depending on the product.

Keep an eye out for brands that boast products with ridiculously high delta-8 THC content. While it’s possible to have a 1,000+mg product, it’s more likely that that isn’t pure delta-8 THC. Instead, brands that do this often include the total cannabinoid content in that number. Unfortunately, that means you can’t guarantee you’ll actually get any delta-8 THC in the product.

Meanwhile, we specify exactly what you’re getting in each of our delta-8 THC products.

Cultivation, Extraction, and Production

You need to know where a delta-8 brand gets their product. Do they cultivate the hemp themselves? How are they extracting the delta-8 THC from it? Is production safe and lab-tested? All of these questions should be easy to answer at a glance on their website. 

For example, we try to stay as transparent as possible no matter where you are in the shopping process. That’s why we have lab reports readily available, as well as a comprehensive FAQ. If the FAQ doesn’t answer your questions, we also have other valuable resources, like the rest of our blog.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide on how to choose the best delta 8 product helps you lean more towards your ideal product. We were able to explore some of the best delta 8 THC products on the market, as well as easy references depending on the type of consumer you are. 

Now that you have the tools necessary, you can shop for delta 8 online with full confidence. Still have a question? Reach out to us! Our experts try to respond as quickly as possible to all inquiries and questions.